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Finally Sorting the Email Deluge

For a number of years now I’ve been using gmail to access my email. I started because it was one of the few mail services at the time that offered and effectively unlimited quota, and since I grabbed a great username being one of the first in, I’ve just continued. It’s easy to access anywhere and is quite quick to load, plus the search function makes finding that email that I know I got about 3 years ago much easier than it otherwise would be. Plus there’s the added advantage that the ending is recognised and less likely to be screwed up when admin people re-enter it from an in-store form into their spamlist mailing list.

I’ve always had this general thought in the back of my head that I would also be able to separate commercial stuff from personal stuff by only using my personal email address for certain things, but well it just hasn’t worked out like that. Commercial becomes personal at some point and vice versa. As I was forgetting to look at the personal email I ended up just popping it via gmail anyway, so all of my mail goes into the one place and with a clever use of filters the theory is that I can organise it and respond quickly when needed.

But, it never works out like that. I get around 300 emails a day into this account and I never end up doing the right thing, so it quickly becomes thousands of unread or must get to emails.

In Ireland I used O2 to alert me to the really important emails – if something came in from say Mum, it would be forwarded to the O2 account which was set up to send me a txt message whenever anything arrived. That worked reasonably well until I left Ireland and the UK O2 system doesn’t work that way.

Another annoying aspect to my current mail system has been using it on my iPhone. It’s constantly pinging whenever any email is received, which is downright annoying – especially when it’s one of my pet hate emotional suffering idiot emails. And the emails I want to have there seem to disappear into the abyss so quickly that really email on iPhone is useless to me.

So today I finally set up a new email account (no, I’m not telling you what it is) and I’ve set up some filters on the gmail so that if an email comes in from a select group of people (or alternatively if I forward an email to it) then, and only then, will it be picked up by the iPhone. (I still have the gmail app as well should I need to see the rest of the stuff)

I’ve been meaning to do this forever, let’s see how effective it is at reducing the interruptions and getting me the email that I really want to see.