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WIP Wednesday Roundup

I’ve not been posting too much of late and it’s not because I’ve nothing to talk about, it’s mainly cos I’ve been so busy. I seem to have an awful lot of irons in the fire.

On the knitting front, there’s Christian’s scarf which has lain dormant since Christmas and which I really should get to work on, especially given the crappy weather we’ve been having of late. There’s also Bump’s dress which just needs the ends sewn in and then some blocking and it’s all finished. Oh and I’ve started a pair of socks, mainly cos I’ve never done socks before and wanted a small project for carrying around. That was a nightmare actually, figuring out the toe. Then there’s the wedding shawl which has been started and frogged twice. (plus plans are underway for some cushion covers, a hat and a jumper for me plus a little cardigan and blanket for Bump)

On the crochet front there’s Bump’s bear which seemed to grind to a halt fairly quickly.

Beading saw me making a mass of stitch markers and then stopping with about 10 to go to finish off the selection of beads I’ve got. I’d also like to make a shambala bracelet, but that requires getting to the bead shop. Really must do that…

Tatting sees a necklace which I got a fair way on a couple of weeks ago but then didn’t finish – I must pull out some findings and get that sorted. I also have plans to write up a couple of patterns, although part of me thinks it may be worth keeping them aside for when Craftree is ready.

Craftree is my big project of the moment. I’m not going to say a lot about it cos it’s still such early days, but it’s going to complement InTatters and be a fabulous website. I’m working with a great developer/designer team on that one and also with a great group of members from InTatters who are probably unaware of just how much their feedback is helping me out. I’m *really* excited about it and can’t wait to be in a position to share more.

I did however manage to finally pot the two plants that I brought over from Ireland with me. Poor things had been sitting in water on the window sill for 6 months and starting to look somewhat pale. Hopefully they’ll enjoy their new compost.

On the job front, I finally managed to get the Job Centre people recognising my Irish contributions, which means I can get some financial help. Still getting the old “you’re overqualified” or “we really need someone for 6 months” run around, but we’re getting there. Soon I’ll be able to get some maternity benefits and be able to relax a little more.

On the wedding front, we’ve booked flights for mum and dad, C and I to go to Germany. Couldn’t book for Bump yet – need a name before we can do that! Apparently we can add her in later.

Then there’s Bump. We’re getting slowly closer on names, we’ve decided on parameters for a cot (ie how wide it can be and still fit) and we’re also getting closer on prams. Meanwhile, we’ve started ante-natal classes and she’s moving around a LOT, she’s getting rather distracting actually. The vicious heart-burn I’ve been suffering has been alleviated thanks to some new drugs so I can stop having Gaviscon for dessert too!

So that’s been me lately. So much for my resolution to not start projects until other projects are finished.


WIP Wednesday – Lily for Bump

I’m currently working on a little dress for bump. It’s a cross over front with contrast band (oh my, the contrast!) and with either short or long sleeves (haven’t decided which yet). Pattern is Oriental Lily.

I’m making according to the 9 month instructions but with slightly finer yarn (4ply instead of the 8ply called for), so I expect that she’ll be able to wear it around December when it starts to get a little colder.

The green and blue variegated yarn is Hedgehog Fibres by Beata Jezekovah in Ireland and so incredibly soft, it’s also superwash – ideal for a baby. The pink and orange yarn is by Hipknits in Cambridgeshire and is the most gorgeous colour, also soft and superwash.


WIP Wednesday – Bump Bear

My latest project is a crocheted bear for Bump. I’m using a gorgeous hand-painted yarn and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

The pattern is one from DMC by Val Pierce and uses a crochet cotton to make something quite tiny, my DK weight yarn should make a good baby-sized bear.

In other news, the company I was working for here in Edinburgh went into liquidation (or so they claim) last week, and as a result I’m out of work. Hoping to be able to use the extra time to sort out some projects that have been on the back-burner for a while. Although that won;t be easy given that the wise folk at Virgin Media have decided that us not having internet for over 5 days is a great idea! Not impressed by that at the moment and there’s currently no end in site.

Hopefully things are going better for you today!

News & Updates

WIP Wednesday – Bump Update

Yesterday was our 20 week anomaly scan. That’s where they look at all the bits and pieces and search for any problems. We got to see Bump’s heart beating and the blood flowing through it – you could even see the detail of the four chambers, totally amazing stuff! We also saw the diaphragm, kidneys, bladder, the spine and skin covering it and various structures in the brain and they all measured up perfectly for gestational age so all good. At one point we zoomed in to focus on the little nose and lips (looking for cleft lip) – so cute! Everything is looking good and healthy.

And then came the big reveal – we zoomed in looking for telltale signs and found out that we’re having a little girl. I knew it! I’ve had a feeling since the first day that I found out I was pregnant that it was a girl. To be honest neither of us cared what the gender was, it was curiosity and a desire to reduce the pain of trying to find a name that led to us wanting to know.

This is the last scheduled scan, so now it’s 20 more weeks of waiting for the big day. 20 weeks left to make the cute little outfits and get the place ready. We’re both so excited, we can’t wait to meet her 🙂

News & Updates

WIP Wednesday – BumpWatch

A WIP Wednesday update with a difference – I’m pleased to be able to finally show the world our little Bump.

These pictures were taken at the 14 week scan just before Christmas, it was amazing to see Bump open and close it’s little hands as though waving at us, and to dig it’s feet into me and push itself back into a more comfy position. We don’t know the gender as yet – and if we do find out I’m not so sure I’ll be telling, will just have to wait and see 🙂

We’re due in the second half of June, which means the horrible queasy and migraine-filled first trimester are finally over!

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WIP Wednesday – Koala Creek


I must say that I’m rather pleased with how this one is going. I’ve taken Meadowbrook by Stephen West and adjusted the pattern to work with Debbie Bliss Paloma. I’ve used a different cable pattern to the original – I wanted more defined cables. It’s going to be amazingly warm and Christian loves the colour combination. So far so good!


WIP Wednesday – Blocking Mink & Sexy Cast Ons


Here’s a Splash of Mink blocking away. All the knitting is finished at last and once she’s dry I can start the sewing up. Must say, I really do think I should get some blocking wires…

And a close up – no lifelines used during the making of this, no counting mistakes that I’m aware of. It all went rather smoothly, which of course is getting me nervous!


So what’s next? How about Stephen West’s Meadowbrook? A couple of small changes – pattern calls for sport weight yarn, but I’m using Paloma which is a Bulky weight. This throws out the stitch count (I want a scarf not a shawl!) I’m also likely going to use a different cable pattern, mainly because of the bulky weight yarn, I want something that’s quite defined.

I’m very proud of my cast on – look at that neat lovely edge there. I found some instructions on a forum site which in turn are apparently from Reader’s Digest Knitter’s Handbook – this is them ::

  1. With a contrasting, slippery waste yarn, cast on half the number of stitches required using any method. Round down if necessary (e.g., half of 31 sts is 15.5, round down to 15).
  2. Purl one row
  3. Knit one elongated row (wrap each stitch twice instead of once, and drop the extra wraps on the next row).
  4. Switch to the main yarn, and work four rows in stockinette, beginning with a purl row. If you had to round down your cast on sts, inc 1 in the first row of stockinette.
  5. With a thinner needle, pick up the loops of your main yarn that show through the wrong side of the elongated contrast stitches. So, you have your regular needle loaded with stitches, and a thinner needle lying in front of it in the same direction with an equal number of stitches.
  6. *P2 from the regular needle, K2 from the thinner needle* to end of row. If you end up with one st on each needle, you can P from the big needle and then P from the thin needle. Continue working your 2×2 rib as usual.
  7. Snip one end of the contrast yarn and pick it out. The main yarn will not unravel.
  8. Admire!