Last night the UK government voted to start air strikes against ISIL in Syria. Whatever you feel about this action, I thought that the Members applauding was quite frankly crass in the face of the inevitable civilian loss of life. As for the decision, I’m not sure how I feel – I know that I do not have access to the information that they will have at the “top” and so from my living room it’s not a decision that I am equipped to make. From what I can see, I’m not convinced that this is the answer. But, that’s not the point of thisRead More →

I’ve had a particularly productive few of weeks here. I’ve managed to finished 4 projects! There’s not one but two hats for my brand new niece. A Yoda hat and a viking hat. As well as a cowl, which is yet to be photographed and my first ever pair of socks. So what do you do when you’ve finished a project? Cast on another of course! I’ve cast on another cowl – both cowls will get sent to their intended victims recipients at the same time. I’ve also wound the yarn for a carnaby skirt but so far have resisted casting it on. And I’veRead More →

Most people who know me know that I love social media – I’m generally one of the first to jump on and try things out. Facebook, buzz, foursquare, twitter, hotspots – you name it. Today I came across this article from a like-minded soul in the US, Shea was Foursquare stalked. It’s something I’ve wondered about, there’s an inherent danger in letting the whole world know where you are and something entirely creepy and horrible about being stalked. It doesn’t make you feel good – it makes you feel vulnerable and that’s a ghastly feeling. Read the full story here and then read on forRead More →

I have to admit that I love twitter. It’s just like a giant blended RSS feed. My only problem is the clients. While I’ve found the perfect client for on my iPod, it’s the desktop clients that I find wanting. What I can’t understand is why Twitterific, my iPod client of choice, chooses to have such a pathetic desktop version. Meanwhile, tweetdeck is consistent but just so woefully laid out that it just irritates me every time I use it. What I’d really love is a blend of the two – tweetdeck’s side-by-side view of all accounts (including facebook and linkedin) with quick buttons toRead More →

RT @LHCbExperiment Both proton beams made a full turn of LHC; a new period of great measurements with LHCb starts again # Finally got started with my oil painting today # RT @smashingmag Host Your Own URL Shortener: 10 PHP Apps Reviewed – # OMG that's frightening RT @vaughano RT @daveking: I don't really think i've seen anything geekier than this. ever. # Time for the daily "what do I want for lunch" question – you'd think I'd have some sort of clue, but no # RT @bbchealth soups sold in high street cafes & supermarkets may not offer the healthy option customersRead More →

If you’ve received a link to this post in a twitter message it’s because you’re following me and I’m making some changes you should be aware of. I love twitter, it’s a fabulous and useful tool. However, it’s still quite rudimentary in that it’s an all or nothing tool. In order to ensure that I don’t spam my friends I’ve created more than one twitter account, a fairly common practice. Over the years that I’ve been on twitter I’ve been quite open with my accounts, however, I’m finding that while this principle is good I am getting quite a bit more spam of late. SoRead More →

I come across a fair number of interesting links and tidbits online, especially on Twitter. Here’s a few that I’ve come across lately… In the News – Two escape as car falls through ice (via @the_irish_times) – Twitter’s Growth Slows Dramatically – (via @dministry) Handy to Know – Pack a Gun to Protect Valuables from Airline Theft or Loss (via @Lifehacker) – 16 Useful Mac Cheat Sheets – (via @smashingmag) – Reading Devices: Scrolling vs. Pagination – (via @smashingmag) The World of Design – Outstanding: Redesigning Boarding Passes – (via @smashingmag) – 40 Inspiring Single Page Websites – More →