The Whole World Stops for a WiFi Crock Pot

Last night the UK government voted to start air strikes against ISIL in Syria. Whatever you feel about this action, I thought that the Members applauding was quite frankly crass in the face of the inevitable civilian loss of life. As for the decision, I’m not sure how I feel – I know that I […]

WIPS Whipped

I’ve had a particularly productive few of weeks here. I’ve managed to finished 4 projects! There’s not one but two hats for my brand new niece. A Yoda hat and a viking hat. As well as a cowl, which is yet to be photographed and my first ever pair of socks. So what do you […]

The Tale of the Foursquare Stalker

Most people who know me know that I love social media – I’m generally one of the first to jump on and try things out. Facebook, buzz, foursquare, twitter, hotspots – you name it. Today I came across this article from a like-minded soul in the US, Shea was Foursquare stalked. It’s something I’ve wondered […]

Twitter frustration

I have to admit that I love twitter. It’s just like a giant blended RSS feed. My only problem is the clients. While I’ve found the perfect client for on my iPod, it’s the desktop clients that I find wanting. What I can’t understand is why Twitterific, my iPod client of choice, chooses to have […]

My Tweet Week

RT @LHCbExperiment Both proton beams made a full turn of LHC; a new period of great measurements with LHCb starts again # Finally got started with my oil painting today # RT @smashingmag Host Your Own URL Shortener: 10 PHP Apps Reviewed – # OMG that's frightening RT @vaughano RT @daveking: I don't really […]

Twitter Clean Up

If you’ve received a link to this post in a twitter message it’s because you’re following me and I’m making some changes you should be aware of. I love twitter, it’s a fabulous and useful tool. However, it’s still quite rudimentary in that it’s an all or nothing tool. In order to ensure that I […]

A little birdy told me…

I come across a fair number of interesting links and tidbits online, especially on Twitter. Here’s a few that I’ve come across lately… In the News – Two escape as car falls through ice (via @the_irish_times) – Twitter’s Growth Slows Dramatically – (via @dministry) Handy to Know – Pack a Gun to Protect […]


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