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January 2014 Round Up

General Pics

January started in the standard way, with lots of fabulous fireworks. We stayed in and watched them from the comfort of our couch – very cosy!

For a minute there I thought the business to the left was doing private parties! #lookagain

And while picking up Katja from Nursery the street was blocked off by firefighters. Turns out there was a building well and truly ablaze on the other side of the canal. It’s since been torn down, which is no great loss – was a bit of an eyesore.


Katja is starting to try to help around the house, which is really quite sweet. She’ll sweep up with the broom, put on the rubber gloves and even tries to season the chicken.

I popped into a local charity shop and scored a toddler sized handbag and very pretty denim dress for Katja – and no pink or cartoon/princess characters in site.

Meanwhile we’re into the 7th month of Bump and she’s starting to look a little more obvious now!

London Trip

This month we popped down to London for a long weekend. The idea was to meet up with Suzy and Dave to celebrate their recent nuptuals, but that didn’t quite work out. Never mind – we got to catch up with Ilze and Paul and with Gavin and take Katja to the Natural History Museum, which she adored.

We went down by train which we booked online only to find that had put us in separate seats with no table despite our wishes. And as there was no way of letting them know that we had an under 2 with us oh my what a nightmare that would have been! Luckily for us we were travelling off peak and the wheelchair spaces were free for both journeys giving us the space that we needed for 5+ hours of train time with a toddler.


This month started with one finished item – a jumper for Katja which unfortunately ended up just a tad too small 🙁 An unusual construction technique didn’t really pay off so eventually I’ll make another for her using the same yarn.

I also started on my Birthday Damask Shawl – a fabulous gift from Liz. I’d been eyeing this pattern off for years and had somehow elevated it to the “wow” level. I also found the prospect of starting by casting on over 300 stitches for the long edge to be overwhelming and I was convinced it would be a drag to knit. Boy was I wrong – I haven’t enjoyed knitting something so much for quite a long time. Actually, probably not since the last time I knit lace. Perhaps I should be looking more at lace patterns to knit!

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Week 44 2012 In Pictures (Oct 29 – Nov 4)

Week 44 is from Monday October 29, 2012 until (and including) Sunday November 4, 2012

This week Katja grappled with a giant platypus, I made some nommy cake, and we all travelled down to London where naturally I visited Loop.

The *only* way to deal with a giant platypus...
20121029 – The *only* way to deal with a giant platypus…

Time for taayy and cake
20121031 – Time for taayy and cake, banana cake which I haven’t made in ages but which turned out very very nommy

20121102 – After a long trip just one more train to catch

20121102 – But at least the food’s good here, just like home cooking!

Guess where
20121102 – Guess where… yes that’s a lovely big box of Wollmeise at Loop in London

20121103 – Katja plays with Papa

20121104 – So much to look at!

20121104 – I love these lights! Only in London…

Instagram Image
20121104 – Laderee make the nommiest macaroons. Hmm really *must* try making some myself


The Big Adventure aka Spot the Difference

So there we are at Frankfurt am Main HBF – the main railway station in Frankfurt. We’ve just had a quick bite to eat and it’s time to head to our train. I’m largely in the dark as Christian is chatting to his parents in German, and while I can follow the gist of the conversation the details elude me. I’ve learnt not to worry about that and generally go with the flow.

But there’s a Haagen-Daaz stand and boy I could kill for an ice-cream right now. So, with Christian telling me to be quick cos the train is going to leave soon I dash to the shop, grab my Belgian chocolate scoop in wafer cone and race back to the platform. The sign says this train is going to Fulda, it’s platform 7 – which is the platform we generally catch the train to Fulda from, but there’s no sign of Christian nor of his parents.

Remembering that they tend to go towards the front of the train I race along beside, checking the carriages – I can’t see them at all. I go up and back before I hear the announcement that the train is about to leave – there’s nothing for it, I jump on board and pull out my phone. Roaming charges be damned! As the train doors close I call Christian and he finally picks up – he’s waiting outside the train on the platform he says. But the train is leaving! I say. No it’s not. Yes it is!

I’m on the wrong train. I’ve no ticket, no identification – Christian has my bags. All I have is my iphone and some change. We agree that I’ll get off at the first stop and try to explain things to the ticket inspector if he comes around. I can then meet them on the later train at Hanau towards the front of the train. So I wander up towards the front of the train and sit in the first class area (why not?) while I wait to be confronted by a ticket inspector. By the time I reach Hanau, none have turned up, so I jump off the train.

A quick scan of the timetable to confirm that the next train to Fulda will indeed be waiting at this platform, a 10 minute wait in the cold and I’m reunited with the others.

Apparently I should have realised that the train we normally catch is not the ICE but the bog-standard train (takes longer but is cheaper and is therefore better). Honestly I was just worried about the leaving now thing and getting left behind!


Too much!

Tomorrow I start my epic adventure to Edinburgh by train and boat and train again. Will take 12 hours. I have baggage allowance of 2 suitcases plus a carry on type bag. I’m so used to having to pack light that I just don’t know what to do with all of this! Somehow it seems harder to pack…


Air trails

I’ve woken up today to what has become an unusual site – trails from aircraft across the skies of Dublin. The last week has been quite chaotic with the eruption of a volcano in Iceland that has sent volcanic ash into the European flying zones.

BTW today’s picture is not by me – too much glare to get a good shot myself.

It’s been interesting to watch the complete lack of leadership from governments who seemed to just be hanging around waiting for it all to clear, last time this volcano went off it did so for ages. It’s the first natural disaster to hit the EU for years and yet no sign of the EU president anywhere – which leads one to ask what is he for and where is he, oh and what is his name again?

Meanwhile, country level governments seem to have been doing as little as possible to help people get home, which has just opened the doors for the corporations to start putting on pressure. So today regardless of the ash cloud the planes are flying again.

It’s going to take another week to sort out the mess at least – and I wonder if anyone is going to suddenly come up with funding for volcanic ash testing in planes????

Ryanair seem to have been the only airline acting with any kind of leadership and sensibility. They can fly today but have decided not to fly Ireland/UK so that they can move planes to where they’re really needed. Sure, that’s put us out and now means that Thursday will be an epic adventure day for Christian as he trains and boats over to Dublin, but to be honest I’m quite happy that he won’t be flying while the ash is still such an unknown quantity.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Ning in their wisdom has decided to start charging people to access their networks – which means that eTatters will soon not be available. Totally sucks, so desperately trying to get the info off of there.

Last night I caught up with a good friend whom I haven’t seen for ages, no excuse really and hopefully that’ll get rectified soon. Had a great chat about so much – love it when you have those times when you really get to know more about someone you care about.

OK, so I’ll sign out now – back to bed for me. This cold has come back with a vengeance and I’m feeling totally shattered.

a) a feeling of total crapness from this stupid persistent cold which has now turned into a really nasty sore throat