Craft Video Dos and Don’ts

Following on from my recent rant regarding Patterns Dos and Don’ts, I’d like to share some observations regarding craft videos and photographic tutorials. The following is a list of things to consider when creating a video or a tutorial with photos of each step if you’d like it to be one that many people will […]

Knitting Voodoo

So last Sunday I decided to cast on another project. Yes, I know I have 3 others on the go (and we won’t talk about the fifth that I started on Monday, OK so maybe we will but not just at this second) The pattern I decided on, after much much searching, was Elizabeth by […]

The Tale of the Foursquare Stalker

Most people who know me know that I love social media – I’m generally one of the first to jump on and try things out. Facebook, buzz, foursquare, twitter, hotspots – you name it. Today I came across this article from a like-minded soul in the US, Shea was Foursquare stalked. It’s something I’ve wondered […]

Bill Martin’s Guide to Oil Painting

I stumbled across this site while looking for information about different oil mediums and was immediately impressed by just how comprehensive it is. Bill Martin offers free online oil painting lessons, tips and instruction to guide beginning artists in learning beginning oil painting techniques and purchasing art supplies. I figured I’d share it in case […]

Tatting Tips

When laundering doilies or other linen pieces that need careful shaping, leave unstarched for the first ironing. When ironed and shaped to your satisfaction, dip a thin cloth in starch, wring out and smooth it over the article on the ironing board, then iron both layers dry. The doily will be nicely starched and finished. […]

Tatting Tips

To keep tatting thread from tangling, run it through the loop in one end of a safety pin; then fasten the pin to your clothes.


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