Christmas is over. And as per tradition here on the 5th or thereabouts most people pulled down their Christmas tree and decorations and dumped the tree next to their bin for collection by the council. I have two issues with this. The first is that, well look at that tree – so much green left in it and it smells absolutely divine and yet there it is cast aside as worthless. If you are taking down because of tradition then why not keep the unadorned tree inside for a while and still get to enjoy it’s life? The second is that this week there areRead More →

Week 14 from April 1st to 7th saw us jetting off to Australia where Katja got to meet her cousin, aunts and uncles for the first time and catch up with Grandma and Grandpa. 130401 – Snow! As we leave Edinburgh we see snow on the ground. 130403 – And we’ve arrived! Katja and her Grandad. <3 130403 – Gus was keen to show Katja his trampoline. Katja needed no encouragement! 130404 – Sunshine feels fabulous! 130404 – Fabulous Aussie flora – Eucalyptus trees smell awesome. 130405 – Not impressed with her first haircut! 130405 – Dessert is sorted! 130406 – Love this tunnel entranceRead More →

Week 13 from March 25th to 31st sees a visit to Katy in Glasgow and the fun of MissK’s first Easter. 130325 – Kisses for the mirror baby 130326 – Looking forward to Haymarket being finished 130326 – Not herself today #subdued #poormite 130326 – Baby in a Box @theyarncake 130327 – Will we have a white Easter?? 130327 – Snow curls 130327 – Downunder 130327 – Australian Native Violets – found these in Glasgow 130328 – Perfect shoes for that dress 130328 – Knit night at Purple Pig 130330 – Icky hands! 130330 – Toes! 130331 – Happy Easter! 130331 – Very happy Easter!Read More →

Week 12 from March 18th to 24th sees some ghastly weather and some new shiny teeth. 130318 – Even in this horrid weather this is a pretty awesome view #edinburgh 130318 – Glad I’m inside! 130318 – It’s been raining/snowing like that for 6 hours now #cold 130319 – Morning cuddles 130319 – As the Big Yin says – get yerself a sexy raincoat! 130321 – In progress. Colour Affection 130321 – Cup of tea 130321 – Tatted necklace #tatting 130323 – Teeth!Read More →

Week 10 from March 4th to March 10th sees MissK growing up in so many ways and Edinburgh deciding that it’s not ready to give up winter just yet. 130305 – Loving the black and white #newtop 130305 – Telly time #quiet Sometimes she really seems so much more grown up than 8 months! 130306 – Safety first! I managed to get her to keep this light weight neopreen helmet on because she doesn’t yet know how to get down from standing! (Except by falling of course) 130307 – Trying a new parents and baby group – this one is noisy but has bonus toys.Read More →

This photo was taken just over a year ago – on the 3rd December. Dublin was at a standstill thanks to heavy snows. This particular corner we watched as cars and trucks came down from the slightly higher bridge and slid straight into the bollards – generally at slow speed. Cyclists gave up, pedestrians were landing on their backsides all around us. The Guinness trucks seemed to fair better than the cars, nail biting stuff!Read More →

A few useful links I’ve come across for weather related stuff in Dublin. Irish Met Office is a reasonable site. The HIRLAM model is very accurate at predicting where and when snow will fall within a 24 hr period. Click on ‘Nedbor’ Watch passenger planes depart from/arrive at Dublin airport here. Excellent radar featuring flight info. Numerous cancellations and delays at Dublin Airport. Listen in to the air traffic control tower. Snow radar here Irish Weather Online with a live chat boardRead More →