Week 12.52 Christmas

Week 52 runs from December 24 to 30. It’s the last week of 2012, Christmas week and we’re in Germany. 20121225 – Katja’s first Christmas, wearing the dress that I knit for her. 20121225 – A new trick for Christmas Day! Katja discovers what I’ve been telling her for months now – her cute little […]


She looks so peaceful, especially when she’s had a rough day

Next Project is Picked!

That went a lot faster than I thought it would – yes, I’ve managed to pick my next project. In fact I think I’ve picked my next two projects. This is a huge achievement, normally it takes me a week to pick a project, not a day. I tend to umm and ahh about which […]


Oh what a horrid night – even new parents get more sleep than I got last night. In the end I just got up, it seemed the most sensible thing to do. Once again a sleepless night right after eating steak – what is it with steak??? Does anyone else have that problem? I’ve got […]


The fire alarm went of this evening at about 6:30pm. I went downstairs (using the stairs not the lift) and out onto the street. Noone else seemed to be doing that. No fire trucks anywhere to be seen so I called building management. The guy there had me go to the fire panel and read […]

Sleep Easy

I’ve been having trouble sleeping for a while. Nothing too serious, just a general not sleeping as well as I used to type of thing. That’s generally fine but it would be nice to know that I was going to get a good night’s sleep. Most of the natural remedies contain lavender which is guaranteed […]


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