Week 52 runs from December 24 to 30. It’s the last week of 2012, Christmas week and we’re in Germany. 20121225 – Katja’s first Christmas, wearing the dress that I knit for her. 20121225 – A new trick for Christmas Day! Katja discovers what I’ve been telling her for months now – her cute little toes are nommy! 20121225 – Watching a movie with Daddy. 20121226 – We put the little girl down for a nap and a few minutes later I decided to check on her – this is what I saw! There’s exactly 2 chances of this face leading to sleep – Buckley’sRead More →

That went a lot faster than I thought it would – yes, I’ve managed to pick my next project. In fact I think I’ve picked my next two projects. This is a huge achievement, normally it takes me a week to pick a project, not a day. I tend to umm and ahh about which yarn, which colour, what pattern and then go around and around in circles for ages. I’ve been wanting to do cushion covers for months now and finally I’ve settled on a yarn/colourway which I’ll need to order. Haven’t worked out the pattern yet! After going through pretty much every beretRead More →

Oh what a horrid night – even new parents get more sleep than I got last night. In the end I just got up, it seemed the most sensible thing to do. Once again a sleepless night right after eating steak – what is it with steak??? Does anyone else have that problem? I’ve got a day of hospital visits and meetings, blocked up solid – no idea when I’m supposed to work, or do my own projects or pack for my holiday. On the projects plate I’m working on a gift for a friend at the moment, can’t really say much about it exceptRead More →

The fire alarm went of this evening at about 6:30pm. I went downstairs (using the stairs not the lift) and out onto the street. Noone else seemed to be doing that. No fire trucks anywhere to be seen so I called building management. The guy there had me go to the fire panel and read out all sorts of stuff from it before he decided that all was ok. The at 12:45am it went off again. I was asleep, but I dragged myself out of bed and got dressed and went downstairs. Arnaud decided that he didn’t want to. Once again I seemed to beRead More →

I’ve been having trouble sleeping for a while. Nothing too serious, just a general not sleeping as well as I used to type of thing. That’s generally fine but it would be nice to know that I was going to get a good night’s sleep. Most of the natural remedies contain lavender which is guaranteed to give me a migraine – not exactly the response I was after so I put up with my semi-sleep-deprived state for months and months. At the start of December last year I discovered Clipper Sleep Easy tea – it’s a chamomile, cinnamon and valerian infusion so I figured itRead More →