Week 40 (30 Sep to 6 Oct) saw lots of excitement, good and bad. Firstly, MissKatja started Nursery proper this week. Her first full 5 hour days. She’s not sure yet, and tends to swing between the excitement of all those toys and other kids to play with and the terror at being left behind. 2031001 – A traumatic morning = a cuddly afternoon #silverlining Tuesday was particularly hard on her, she thought it was the end of the world when Papa left for work in the morning and then I took her to her last “settling” session, a three hour one at the nursery.Read More →

It’s certainly been an eventful week for me! It started with a slight scratch in my throat last Thursday, right before I flew to Edinburgh for the weekend. I had a good rest on Friday and spent a lovely day with Christian so I figured that it probably wouldn’t be too bad, but alas by Saturday my nose was running. Grr… especially annoying since we were seeing Anton and Gavin whom we hadn’t seen in far too long. The cold, however, seemed to be reasonable and so we had a great time catching up and it was so brilliant to see the guys. I figuredRead More →

I stayed at home again today, this cold has I hope hit the worst patch and my face, shoulders and back are aching. Between naps I managed to complete the designers page on Knots – you can now select an individual designer and see all the patterns we’ve got links to that are theirs. It’s pretty cool if I do say so myself. The other thing I did was create a thistle bookmark using some soft grey-green and rich purple pearl thread from my stash. I’m quite pleased with the results. The pattern isn’t mine, it’s by Jean Napier-Faeih.Read More →

As the wonderful Rex Harrison said (not sang) in My Fair Lady, “I knew that she would do it, and indeed she did!” Yes, as you can see from the pic here my Innocent Knitting Nancy has proved successful and I now have two little smoothie hats to show for it. Truth be told I am rather chuffed with myself. This is also the first things I’ve knitted since I was a child and definitely the first projects I’ve ever finished in knitting – yay me! In other news, Siobhan came over to keep me company this afternoon which was lovely. I’m about 50% throughRead More →

I’ve woken up today to what has become an unusual site – trails from aircraft across the skies of Dublin. The last week has been quite chaotic with the eruption of a volcano in Iceland that has sent volcanic ash into the European flying zones. BTW today’s picture is not by me – too much glare to get a good shot myself. It’s been interesting to watch the complete lack of leadership from governments who seemed to just be hanging around waiting for it all to clear, last time this volcano went off it did so for ages. It’s the first natural disaster to hitRead More →

I’ve almost got all of my Christmas shopping done now. I went out again today and braved the cold and the crowds – and boy what crowds! It’s like the whole of Ireland was jammed into Henry St and Grafton St today. I’m trying to work out why it’s so busy here. There’s less people in this city than there is in Melbourne – but I s’pose that Melbourne has a lot more shopping area so the crowds aren’t as thick. At one point I was walking down Henry St and a massive wall of people surrounded me – Marks and Spenser was evacuated, someRead More →