Hello 2015

Welcome to 2015! Yes, here I am again trying to get this blog thing going properly. Last year was a bit of a fizzer in blog terms. I couldn’t even reliably post a single monthly post of pics so how on earth I figured I’d handle a 10 week long project is totally beyond me! […]

Week 13.17 – Puffing Billy

Week 17 from April 22nd to 28th. This week we were in Melbourne enjoying the sunshine and a trip on Puffing Billy. 20130422 – MissK is sleeping like a baby after yesterday’s terrifying swimming pool ordeal. Poor thing cried the entire time we were there and clung to me like never before. The only plus […]

Week 13.10 – Growing up!

Week 10 from March 4th to March 10th sees MissK growing up in so many ways and Edinburgh deciding that it’s not ready to give up winter just yet. 130305 – Loving the black and white #newtop 130305 – Telly time #quiet Sometimes she really seems so much more grown up than 8 months! 130306 […]

Week 13.09 – Architecture

Week 9 is from February 25 to March 3. 20130226 – Stuck! Katja discovers that there’s not as much room under the coffee table as she thought there was. 20130227 – A gorgeous day in Edinburgh. 20130227 – This are looking up! Crocuses on the Meadows. 20130227 – I love Barclay Viewforth Church designed by […]


So there I was in John Lewis with a pile of yarn to move to the checkout and no basket. What to do? Luckily I had a very able helper on hand to assist! And thankfully it’s all superwash so the drool didn’t cause any problems!

Should you buy that gift?

With Christmas approaching (and birthdays for some too – hint hint!) it’s time to consider whether or not you really should buy that gift. Provided by Mint.com

Giant Cardboard Robot Arms

Would you like to have giant robot arms with which to crush your enemies? Okay, that’s a dumb question. Of course you would! Etsy seller giantcardboardrobots makes them: Each arm is approximately 5′ 6″ in length (about 3 feet longer from where your hands will grab), 9″ x 9″ in width. The arms allow for […]


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