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Hello 2015

Reading together
Katja and Elisa Reading together

Welcome to 2015! Yes, here I am again trying to get this blog thing going properly. Last year was a bit of a fizzer in blog terms. I couldn’t even reliably post a single monthly post of pics so how on earth I figured I’d handle a 10 week long project is totally beyond me! Needless to say, one kid got sick. Then the other got sick and then I got sick (nothing big, just colds) and then Christmas happened and projects just fell off the truck.

Anyway, no apologies – no point really in apologising for putting family and life before blogging! Today I am full of motivation. I’ve cleaned the kitchen and done all of my other online chores. I’ve one child currently asleep and the other is drawing pictures for me. I’ve had one grocery shop arrive and another is due this afternoon – found out that one of the supermarkets has a very very good special on at the moment for stuff that we can buy in bulk so placed a special order. Oh and half of our regular nappy order has just been delivered as well. Love online shopping! So much done and I haven’t had to bundle kids into prams, negotiate buses and deal with tantrums.

Do you do your grocery shopping online or do you still physically go to the store?

This morning I’ve also rejoined the Ring of Tatters. This is a kind of last ditch thing for me. I’ve been a member for many many years but I’ve been increasingly unhappy with them. I have many gripes which I won’t go into as that would be unfair just now but my main issue is that I don’t seem able to get an email answered. I’ve sent quite a few over a couple of years – mostly in response to things in the newsletter along the lines of “for more information email…” and I’ve never once received a response. The Ring of Tatters has a library of physical books which, now that I’m living in the UK, I should have access to and yet for 2 years of trying I was never able to borrow anything using the process that they give of emailing the librarian. I’ve been feeling very ripped off as a result. But new year and we’ll see how they go this time.

Have you ever ben disappointed by a group that you’ve joined? Did you persevere and if so what was the result? or did you just walk away?

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Week 13.17 – Puffing Billy

Week 17 from April 22nd to 28th. This week we were in Melbourne enjoying the sunshine and a trip on Puffing Billy.

MissK is sleeping like a baby after yesterday's terrifying swimming pool ordeal
20130422 – MissK is sleeping like a baby after yesterday’s terrifying swimming pool ordeal. Poor thing cried the entire time we were there and clung to me like never before. The only plus side is that she’s slept so well since.

The Hopetoun Tea Rooms in #Melbourne
20130423 – The Hopetoun Tea Rooms in #Melbourne would have to be one of my favourite cafes. I never knew of the links to Edinburgh until last year’s trip to Hopetoun House, a place all Melbournians visiting Edinburgh should get to.

Apparently failure to proofread is not considered a shortcut in the painting business
20130423 – Apparently failure to proofread is not considered a shortcut in the painting business. Brilliant fail!

$2.80 for leather shoes - let me think about tha.. YES!!!
20130423 – $2.80 for leather shoes – let me think about tha.. YES!!! #shoppingwin

Today we visited the lolly shop! #theyarnbarn
20130423 – Today we visited the lolly shop! #theyarnbarn

Female Superb Lyrebird
20130427 – Female Superb Lyrebird. I’ve only ever seen one in the wild once before. Couldn’t get a good shot of the guy who was wooing her.

Puffing Billy, view from carriage
20130427 – Puffing Billy, view from carriage. So glad that you can still hang out the windows, an awesome day.

My Week in Pictures

Week 13.10 – Growing up!

Week 10 from March 4th to March 10th sees MissK growing up in so many ways and Edinburgh deciding that it’s not ready to give up winter just yet.

Loving the black & white #new
130305 – Loving the black and white #newtop

Telly time #quiet
130305 – Telly time #quiet Sometimes she really seems so much more grown up than 8 months!

Safety first!
130306 – Safety first! I managed to get her to keep this light weight neopreen helmet on because she doesn’t yet know how to get down from standing! (Except by falling of course)

Trying a new parents and baby group - this one is noisy but has bonus toys
130307 – Trying a new parents and baby group – this one is noisy but has bonus toys. Was surprised to see just how tall MissK is compared to others.

Rugged up walk time
130310 – Rugged up walk time with Papa.

A little chilly in the hills today  #lastsnow
130310 – A little chilly in the hills today #lastsnow

My Week in Pictures

Week 13.09 – Architecture

Week 9 is from February 25 to March 3.

20130226 – Stuck! Katja discovers that there’s not as much room under the coffee table as she thought there was.

Gorgeous day in Edinburgh
20130227 – A gorgeous day in Edinburgh.

Things are looking up!
20130227 – This are looking up! Crocuses on the Meadows.

Instagram Image
20130227 – I love Barclay Viewforth Church designed by Frederick Thomas Pilkington in the Victorian High Gothic Revival style.

20130228 – Pink!

Who's watching who??
20130228 – Who’s watching who?

20130302 – Optimism. While out for a walk Christian and I spotted this sundial in a “garden” well below street level. Given the lack of general sunshine in Edinburgh at ground level, this really is the definition of optimism!

Squee! #soexcited #edinyarnfest
20130302 – Only 2 weeks to go!

I left knitting an hour ago and seem to have acquired some extra bags - best get home pronto!
20130303 – I left knitting an hour ago and seem to have acquired some extra bags – best get home pronto!

Reading to Daddy
20130303 – Reading to Daddy. Daddy needs to have this book read to him a lot!

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Giant Cardboard Robot Arms

Would you like to have giant robot arms with which to crush your enemies? Okay, that’s a dumb question. Of course you would! Etsy seller giantcardboardrobots makes them:

Each arm is approximately 5′ 6″ in length (about 3 feet longer from where your hands will grab), 9″ x 9″ in width. The arms allow for both 90° bending motion in the elbows as well as 360° rotation of the wrist. The arms break down into easily assembled component parts. Disassembled, both arms fit into a 30″ x 18″ x 6″ box.