So, how did you go with the first week of the Xmas Xclutter Challenge? You can see my box of “smalls” themed items above. I did a complete clear out of all of my smalls drawers, it’s amazing how much space I have there now. I also cleared out my “nails” drawer to get rid of a couple of complete sets of false nails that I know I am not going to use. Now, clearly I cannot get rid of used knickers to a charity shop, so those go in the ordinary rubbish. But perfectly good socks (seriously how many pairs of socks do IRead More →

Friday morning Elisa and I headed into town to check out the new market that will be held at Waverly Station. It’s great to see an undercover market in Edinburgh – it’s something that is sorely missing. There was roughly 20 stalls selling handcarfts, vintage goods, and artisan food/drink. The only ready to eat foods were breads and cupcakes. And no fresh veggies. God how I miss the Queen Vic with it’s 7 hectares of undercover goods. The noise, the crowds, the smells and the colours. It’s one of the top Melbourne things that I honestly wish I could just transport over to every cityRead More →

General Pics We started the month with a quick belly shot – interesting to compare the Katja bump on the left with the new bump on the right. Especially since I feel a lot bigger. My hair is a lot longer too, and has been looking good since Tegan straightened it for me back in April last year – only problem is now that my roots have started to grow I look like I have a frizz mullet! Katja has finally started to expand her eating and every now and then will even have a sandwich for lunch. One evening she managed to eat allRead More →

Week 50 from 10th to the 16th December. I visited Katy and we went to the Low Parks Museum, I got some new shoes and my birthday present has taunting me! 20121211 – A familiar face! 20121211 – Must remember this when designing my dream house 20121213 – New shoes! 20121216 – 5 more sleeps!Read More →

This is my shoe cupboard. I’m very proud of it. It cost me about the same as a couple of pairs of shoes and features frosted glass doors (not shown here). It holds about 40 pair with room for boots on the bottom. Yes, every box is full. One of the brilliant things about my shoe cupboard, aside from keeping my shoes safe, is that I can see what I’ve got – I’m much more inclined to wear my good shoes when I can find them easily and don’t need to rummage through boxes to get at them. My shoes have a home and areRead More →

This is an important post for anyone out there who loves to shop – this is how to prove that shopping saves! The “logic” goes like this… If you save $100 and spend $80 you are $20 ahead. The less you spend compared to the amount you save the better. So… here’s a real world example. Today I purchased a pair of shoes. The original price was $155. I paid $50. I saved $105. This was $55 more than I spent. Thus I saved $55. Voila!!! By purchasing that pair of shoes I have saved $55. That’s a pretty good result! Imagine how well offRead More →