General Pics We started the month with a quick belly shot – interesting to compare the Katja bump on the left with the new bump on the right. Especially since I feel a lot bigger. My hair is a lot longer too, and has been looking good since Tegan straightened it for me back in April last year – only problem is now that my roots have started to grow I look like I have a frizz mullet! Katja has finally started to expand her eating and every now and then will even have a sandwich for lunch. One evening she managed to eat allRead More →

General Pics January started in the standard way, with lots of fabulous fireworks. We stayed in and watched them from the comfort of our couch – very cosy! For a minute there I thought the business to the left was doing private parties! #lookagain And while picking up Katja from Nursery the street was blocked off by firefighters. Turns out there was a building well and truly ablaze on the other side of the canal. It’s since been torn down, which is no great loss – was a bit of an eyesore. Family Katja is starting to try to help around the house, which isRead More →

Every now and then you come across a craft pattern that everyone and their dog seems to be doing, and Colour Affection is certainly the pattern of the moment. It’s simple garter stitch and in terms of construction not that amazing, but it’s the way that you can play with colour that makes it such a must-do pattern. This pattern takes three colours and plays them off against each other quite cleverly, but it can be hard to work out what the best order to knit each colour is. Hence, some clever folk have created templates to try to see the results quickly. Having playedRead More →

I’ve finished the first half of the Lily of the Valley border on my Swallowtail. After discovering that I had been knitting tightly despite my best efforts on the first nupp row I employed the assistance of a spare cable needle thereafter. Stitch markers have helped ensure that I didn’t catch my yarn overs on the purl rows.Read More →