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New Sheets

D-Day for Bump’s arrival is getting ever closer. We’ve confirmed with the consultants that I shall be induced a few days before the due date. This is due to my age. Even though all of the growth scans look perfect and Bump is wriggling around like a mad thing statistics support the routine inducement of women over 40 years at or just before term. It seems that going over the chances of something going drastically wrong rises sharply. From my perspective, we get to meet Bump earlier and hopefully she’ll be a few grams lighter and thus easier.

Anyway, this week appears to be nesting week. We’ve started with setting up the crib. In the end we went for a simple swinging crib. When ordering the crib I naturally looked to order some sheets for it as well. Seems the going rate is £15 for two fitted sheets. Meanwhile the going rate for a doona (duvet) cover and pillowcase cover for Katja is about £30. It’s utter madness and there’s no way I’m spending more on sheets for the girls than I do on sheets for myself.

Aldi was selling sheets last weekend, so I popped in and grabbed a single set for £8. (I also spent £2 on elastic) Yesterday I got to work on them. I laid the doona cover on the floor and Katja’s existing one over the top, matching up one of the corners. I then cut out the size leaving about 1 inch on the side and two inches along the top as seam allowances.

Next I sewed up the side seam, just a simple straight seam and overedged with zigzag. I folded over the end and sewed that with a straight stitch and then sewed it together leaving a gap of about 40cm in the middle to allow for the doona to be placed inside. At this point I could have added a couple of buttonholes and then buttons but so far I haven’t bothered (yes I know, I’m lazy). Toddler doona cover done.

The pillow case was easier. I lined the edge up with the open end of the pillowcase – this meant that I could take advantage of the folded over bit in the original. I then cut to size, sewed up with straight stitches and overedged. Fits her mini pillow perfectly.

Next I moved on to the crib sheets. Using the left overs from the single doona cover I cut out two pieces the same size as the crib mattress according to the instructions on Cintia’s blog MyPoppet. It was incredibly simple and took less than an hour to make up both sheets.

So all in all, £10 spent and £35 saved – and even better I’ve got much much prettier sheets than any I’ve seen at those silly prices. I call this a win, in fact I’m dead chuffed with myself for this project.

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Week 13.31 – Fair Isle Finished

Week 31 already! And a quick checks shows that I’m currently 19 weeks behind in my weekly posts. Hmm, not so good – lots of work to do to catch that lot up! I maintain that the reason for this is the gorgeous summer weather we’ve been having, it’s been so long that the novelty is yet to wear off.

So week 31 saw me finally finish knitting up the super secret fair isle project. Great news, except for all the horrid ends that I’ve to sew in. My swatch made me think that carrying them up the side wouldn’t work – I think if I were to do another I’d try to twist them up the side rather than break them.

Knitting finished. Time to sew in all the ends #fairisle
20130729 – Knitting finished. Time to sew in all the ends #fairisle

It took me 3 days to get the ends sewn in. If there hadn’t been a deadline I reckon they’d still be attached! The end result, BTW is absolutely gorgeous and I’ll show you as soon as I’m allowed to.

The ends! #knitting #fairisle
20130731 – The ends! #knitting #fairisle

I also cut into some very happy fabric with the intention of making a new cot bumper for Katja’s playpen. It’s currently sitting on my sewing machine waiting for me to fgure out just how I’m going to sew it all together and maintain perfectly straight lines.

Happy fabric #sewing
20130729 – Happy fabric #sewing

Katja is walking like a champ now. She seemed to give up for a week or so when her grandparents were visiting, but now she’s walking about 75% of the time. Such a cute walk, kind of like taking steps to not fall over.

Self portrait #misskatja
20130803 – Self portrait #misskatja

My Week in Pictures

Week 13.07 – Wipe clean, over-ordered and new designs

Week 7 already! This one goes from Feb 11 to 17. This week is all about the knitting and the baby (as is every week really)

The new toy that Mummy made gets reviewed

20130211 – The new toy that Mummy made gets reviewed

It's a good thing she's wipe clean...

20130211 – It’s a good thing she’s wipe clean! Check out the hand print above her left eye 🙂 A bath followed this pic


20130212 – Hoodie!

What the??? Apparently I ordered 60 not 20! #slipped

20130213 – What the??? Apparently I ordered 60 bottles of pre-mixed formula not 20! #slipped Good thing it keeps!

Designed by me! Needs name - suggestions on a postcard!

20130214 – Designed by me! Needs name – suggestions on a postcard! My first mitten design and I’m quite chuffed at how they turned out

29 #edinyarnfest #countdown

20130215 – 29 days to go until the Edinburgh Yarn Festival #edinyarnfest #countdown I can’t wait – it’s going to be epic!

Want!!! #knitting

20130217 – Want!!! #knitting #chiagoo

My Week in Pictures

Week 13.06 – Zebras, turtles, biscuits and ice-cream

Week 6 of 2013 goes from February 4th til 10th. This week we bought Katja a high chair and I finally finished a sewing project I was working on for her. As Europe was gripped by a horsemeat scandal, we tried some Zebra – it seemed only fitting.

First biscuit - success!

20130204 – First biscuit – success! Granted most of it ended up squished between her fingers, but it did keep her quiet for a while 🙂

Cold night

20130205 – Cold night. Possibly the last snow of the winter, it’s very cold out there!


20130205 – Gimme!!! Someone wants Mummy’s phone…

The best book ever - lots to digest

20130205 – The best book ever – lots to digest

Waaahhhhh!!!! Not my knitpick!  #devestated

20130205 – Waaahhhhh!!!! Not my knitpick! And the end I was using too #devestated Luckily the wonderful This is Knit sent me out a replacement, God I miss Dublin so much!

Black is the new pink

20130206 – Black is the new pink.

Mmmm ice cream nomnom

20130207 – Mmmm ice cream nomnom. Christian gave Katja some of his ice cream, fully expecting her to find it far too cold. Unfortunately for him she wasn’t bothered by the temperature and face-dived it!

Latest sewing project finished - a little toy for MissK

20130208 – Latest sewing project finished – a little toy for MissK

Shellac - strawberry smoothie with vexed violet and masquerade tips

20130208 – Shellac – strawberry smoothie with vexed violet and masquerade tips. This lot didn’t last very long, came off on the 13th.

Red curry zebra for dinner tonight

20130209 – There’s a Europe wide horse-meat scandal going on, so let’s up the ante and have Red Curry Zebra for dinner 🙂 For anyone wondering, it tastes like a mild reindeer or a slightly gamier venison.

New chair

20130210 – New chair

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Fancy New Nappy Bag bag


I’m so proud of my new nappy bag, just have to show it off! I started this one before Christmas and it’s sat there, mostly done, while I tried to figure out how to finish it. Finally yesterday I got it sorted. Granted it’s not professional-quality finished, but then I’m not exactly trying to sell it and I’ll never make another.

There’s so many lovely nappy (for Americans a nappy is a diaper) bags out there but they cost a fortune. Most have heaps of little pockets and matching change mats and the like. But at the end of the day you just need a bag to carry stuff, trying to figure out which pocket you put your keys in when you have a crying baby and you’re standing in front of your door in the pouring rain is not fun and I’m convinced it’s no quicker than just rummaging in a large sack anyway.

Typical me, most of the bags were also not quite right – the ones with great designs and nifty features tended to be horrid colours and those with the nice colours were ghastly expensive or impractical. Hence the genius idea of making my own.

I started off with this tutorial from Feather’s Flights and made a few mods, most I gleaned from other tutorials along the way. As I wanted to change the dimensions I had to start with a fair bit of working out and measuring and to be honest it *IS* a little big! Since I started we’ve managed to really par down the amount of stuff we travel with, but a big bag will never go astray – I can carry of of my stuff along with Katja’s in this one. I made it as wide as the pram.

The button is a gorgeous 3-piece affair I picked up in Fulda while we were there for Christmas, the colour matches in perfectly. The fabric is curtain fabric from Laura Ashley which I got on sale. Even so I reckon this bag came in at the same price as a reasonably expensive shop bought one.

This bag was fiddly to make, every pocket is lined, most pieces are interfaced plus there’s wadding used to give additional body to the bag walls and a mass of top-stitching. Given that I’ve never had a sewing lesson in my life I was really flying by the seat of my pants here!

I’m totally chuffed with the results and looking forward to many years of use even after I nolonger need to carry nappies about.

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Week 12.51 – Birthday week!

Week 51 is from 17th to 23rd December and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, it’s also my birthday week when Flo and Juli came to visit. Incidentally, the Mayan calendar stopped so the world was also supposed to “end” on the 21st.

Christmas greenery

20121218 – Christmas greenery

My family is awesome - love you all so much!  #shiny #tiffanys #birthday

20121221 – My family is awesome – love you all so much! #shiny #tiffanys #birthday

Sorry Marvin, no apocalypse here!

20121221 – Sorry Marvin, no apocalypse here!

Ooh thumb - nomnom!

20121222 – Ooh thumb – nomnom!

Trying to add zip but bias tape too narrow and can't seem to make it work - doing my head in!

20121222 – Trying to add zip but bias tape too narrow and ca’t seem to make it work – doing my head in!

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Japanese Knot Bag

I’ve been looking to make one of these for a little while and stumbled across some gorgeous fabric at a ridiculous price while out and about a few weeks ago. Today I finally got around to making my Japanese Knot Bag.

I used this pattern but changed the dimensions, partly because I wanted something slightly bigger than they had in the picture and partly because I don’t have a printer so couldn’t print out the pattern pieces. I used a bowl for the base and then calculated the size of the two main pieces using our old friend PI. Luckily Katja is fascinated by me sewing because I didn’t quite get it finished before she woke up from her morning nap.

I’m particularly chuffed that I made the effort to seek out this part of the fabric for the base section – love that flower! Looks awesome when the flower is on the outside or the inside.

And look at how much it holds. That’s my current project which is a baby blanket, plus three balls of yarn and my stupidly large notions tin. There’s room for more too.

And when I get bored, I can simply turn it around.

Can you tell that I’m happy with this project? I hope so cos I really am! I couldn’t even wait until tomorrow to show you for Finished Friday. I can see a lot more knot bags in my future…