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It’s certainly spring/summer here – this pair of swans were tending to a flock of gorgeous fluffy cygnets by the canal in Dublin on Saturday morning.

Saturday’s geocaching adventure with Cristina bagged not only 4 caches, but we also saw a large number of Phoenix Park’s new resident deer. Absolutely gorgeous! Not long afterwards the heavens opened up and we get a taste of the European Monsoon – yes, monsoon. As in wet like you wouldn’t believe. This isn’t your normal Irish namby-pamby soft stuff, this is rain that would feel quite at home in Australia. With 2km of walking an no shelter we were soon resembling drowned kittens. While most taxis avoided us – hello? it’s water not the plague – one finally stopped to pick us up and it was home to try to get dry.

My iPod however seemed to be a little worse for wear and would not turn on at all. I’ve had it sitting in a bowl of rice all day, it seems to be responding a little now although it’s still not perfect yet… fingers crossed!


Dublin Zoo

With such amazingly good weather it was time to finally head over to the zoo. Since I’ve been in Dublin there’s been so many babies born there that I figure they must be doing something right. 2007 saw a new giraffe born. Last year saw the birth of an elephant, a white rhino and a sealion. In may this year two Sumatran tiger cubs were born. Although it’s not been without a little bit of controversy – in 2006 a 16 year old girl was badly injured when she climbed over two fences and stuck her hand through a third into the tiger enclosure and then last year one of the orangutans escaped her enclosure and had a good wander around.

The zoo was opened in 1831 and is the forth oldest scientific zoo in the world after Vienna, London and Paris. It currently occupies 60 acres of land in Phoenix Park. One of the features that I particularly like is that the night-time stalls for the animals have glass on them which means that you can see them as they eat their dinner and get ready for bed.

Sloth in a Box
Sloth in a Box

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