I’m very excited to be able to announce that Ill be teaching needle tatting at the 2015 Edinburgh Yarn Festival. This inexpensive yet versatile lace technique can be used to create everything from accessories and embellishments to decorations and even jewellery. You’ll learn the basic lark’s head knot and double stitch and how to create lace patterns with chains, rings and picots. I’ll take you through pattern-reading skills and show you where to find vintage patterns. Other techniques you’ll learn include: joins, node stitch, beads, floating rings and split rings. Use the skills you’ve learned to make a stunning lace bookmark or pendant. The EdinburghRead More →

So, in my last post I talked about the various options that have me stumped in working out what my next big tatting project will be. So after a few days of mulling things over I’ve made some decisions but there’s still some deciding left to do. 1. Pattern The coffee table mat has been removed from the options. Even though that is the emotional choice, being the first big project to catch my eye. It measures 19 inches in diameter in Coats 10, but I think I will enjoy the other two more. The Fujito doily has a couple of rows that feature motifsRead More →

I’ve got crafter’s block. Yes, I know I have a number of WIPs but you see I’ve been wanting for months and months to start a BIG tatting project. The problem is that there’s just too many options. Every now and then I start to work my way through to finally make a decision and get started, but then I find that I’m neck-deep in calendar days and I’m paralised by the options. So today I thought I’d let you in on my options in a hope that someone might have some insights to help me to get a little closer to actually have aRead More →

Have you ever wanted to try needle tatting but perhaps you don’t have access to the needles? Maybe you’re trying to learn but finding the needles and fine threads too fiddly, you might be constantly stabbing yourself with the business end of the needles (blunt? they still hurt!) or perhaps you’re looking to tat with some thick yarn rather than fine threads. Well I have the answer for you – introducing Straw Tatting! The following pictures show you everything you need and just how to get yourself set up for Straw Tatting goodness. To start with you’ll need a drinking straw, a 20cm stirring stick,Read More →

Week 41 is from Monday October 8, 2012 until (and including) Sunday October 14, 2012 This week I received a new knitting related gadget, taught Katy how to needle tat, finished the second row of my current WIP and started to cover my dining chairs. 20121008 – New toy! 20121008 – It spins! #newtoy #yarnpal 20121009 – Been saving this one #golddust #aero #tatting 20121009 – Katy’s first needle tatting \o/ #starpupil 20121014 – Row 2 sorted #freyja 20121014 – First attempt was close but not quite right so now unpicking original seat covers #ikeahack #upholstery #sewing 20121014 – Has anyone ever had their sewingRead More →

I stayed at home again today, this cold has I hope hit the worst patch and my face, shoulders and back are aching. Between naps I managed to complete the designers page on Knots – you can now select an individual designer and see all the patterns we’ve got links to that are theirs. It’s pretty cool if I do say so myself. The other thing I did was create a thistle bookmark using some soft grey-green and rich purple pearl thread from my stash. I’m quite pleased with the results. The pattern isn’t mine, it’s by Jean Napier-Faeih.Read More →

The worst part about getting back into the gym is that the first week or so everything hurts. Doesn’t matter how easy I take it whatever muscles are involved will scream at me for at least 2 days. Normally it takes about 24 hours for Delayed-Onset-Muscle-Soreness, or DOMS to set in, so the fact that I went to the gym at lunchtime yesterday and woke up this morning feeling sore all over does not bode well! I’m quite frankly a little scared! On the tatting front, I started another Mary Konior motif yesterday, one I’ve always loved but never actually done. I’m working in needleRead More →