My Week in Pictures

Week 12.52 Christmas

Week 52 runs from December 24 to 30. It’s the last week of 2012, Christmas week and we’re in Germany.

Christmas morning

20121225 – Katja’s first Christmas, wearing the dress that I knit for her.

A new trick for Christmas Day!

20121225 – A new trick for Christmas Day! Katja discovers what I’ve been telling her for months now – her cute little toes are nommy!

Watching a movie with Daddy

20121225 – Watching a movie with Daddy.

There's exactly 2 chances of this face leading to sleep - Buckley's and none!

20121226 – We put the little girl down for a nap and a few minutes later I decided to check on her – this is what I saw! There’s exactly 2 chances of this face leading to sleep – Buckley’s and none!

Aunty Jenna makes awesome presents!

20121228 – Aunty Jenna makes awesome presents!

Choir concert in a baroque church

20121230 – Winfridia choir concert in the baroque Fulda city church.


Big Surprise in Edinburgh

Just back from a gorgeous weekend in Edinburgh. Christian’s parents were visiting and he had no idea that I was planning on being there. I got a stupid-o’clock flight on Friday morning and was in his living room when he got up for breakfast 🙂

We walked down to Leith for lunch, which was hard going considering my gym session the day before, my legs were screaming at me! We had lunch in the Granery where I tried the Haggis – not bad in small doses especially when served with mashed potato and a whiskey sauce. Don’t think I’m up for a large amount just yet. Friday evening we headed to Blonde for dinner. (Review to come)

Saturday saw Christian and I traipsing from one end of Edinburgh to the other, chasing a parcel which had arrived from Austria arranged by his parents. He had no idea what it contained, he just knew that he had to get hold of it. That afternoon he opened it – to find a set of hand-made bagpipes, the perfect gift! They’re traditional German pipes and they look gorgeous. I’m sure they’ll sound great once he’s practiced a little 😉

I then popped into town and picked up a maxi-dress I’ve had my eye on, at nice £ pricing which is a bit cheaper then the €. Now the big question – can one wear a maxi dress to work? Also got some cute red ballet flats…

Sunday we watched a DVD – Death at a Funeral. Alarmingly funny in a bite your knuckles kind of way. We both thoroughly enjoyed that one. Managed to finish the bit of tatting that I was working on – a length of Hen & Chicks in white. Then made a new pendant in Lizbeth Western Sunset with red beads and started with a length of Hen & Chicks in the left over Western Sunset. So a tatting-productive weekend as well 🙂

The afternoon was over far too soon. I was back home in Dublin and I’m already planning the next trip over.