My first car looked just like this one. The same make, model and colour. Although I had leather seats and not those cool tartan ones. A welch plug blew after about 4 weeks, which meant an expensive repair job for a 20c part. The passenger side door frame leaked so that when it rained you would get soaked (we kept a towel in the car for this reason). About 200m away from my house in the morning the car would try to stall, but some tricky clutch work would stop it from happening. After a while this became second nature. I learnt a lot aboutRead More →

Friday morning Elisa and I headed into town to check out the new market that will be held at Waverly Station. It’s great to see an undercover market in Edinburgh – it’s something that is sorely missing. There was roughly 20 stalls selling handcarfts, vintage goods, and artisan food/drink. The only ready to eat foods were breads and cupcakes. And no fresh veggies. God how I miss the Queen Vic with it’s 7 hectares of undercover goods. The noise, the crowds, the smells and the colours. It’s one of the top Melbourne things that I honestly wish I could just transport over to every cityRead More →

Week 17 from April 22nd to 28th. This week we were in Melbourne enjoying the sunshine and a trip on Puffing Billy. 20130422 – MissK is sleeping like a baby after yesterday’s terrifying swimming pool ordeal. Poor thing cried the entire time we were there and clung to me like never before. The only plus side is that she’s slept so well since. 20130423 – The Hopetoun Tea Rooms in #Melbourne would have to be one of my favourite cafes. I never knew of the links to Edinburgh until last year’s trip to Hopetoun House, a place all Melbournians visiting Edinburgh should get to. 20130423Read More →

Week 16 from April 15th to 21st and finds us in sunny Adelaide and Melbourne. 20130415 – Trying to choose one! In the end I chose a purple leather purse at a market for much less than these cost. 20130415 – Small version for a young lady #tatting. It’s always nice to make something special for a special little girl. 20130416 – 3D printer looks quite funky. Isn’t it amazing what technology can do, imagine what life will be like in ten years’ time! 20130420 – Dead Zoo Melbourne – fabulous display. The screens showed the animals around you, you tapped on an animal toRead More →

Week 15 from April 8th to 14th but this post only covers the days in Melbourne before we headed of to Adelaide. 20130408 – a VW Crab, I’ll never look at that logo the same way again 20130408 – Movie time at Federation Square in Melbourne 20130408 – Katja’s first taste of lemon… sour… but she went back for more! 20130408 – Melbourne Trams – they join up and they’ve been running all my life! 20130409 – Katja and Gus playing together #cousins 20130409 – Silly face time with Natalia and MarkRead More →

Week 14 from April 1st to 7th saw us jetting off to Australia where Katja got to meet her cousin, aunts and uncles for the first time and catch up with Grandma and Grandpa. 130401 – Snow! As we leave Edinburgh we see snow on the ground. 130403 – And we’ve arrived! Katja and her Grandad. <3 130403 – Gus was keen to show Katja his trampoline. Katja needed no encouragement! 130404 – Sunshine feels fabulous! 130404 – Fabulous Aussie flora – Eucalyptus trees smell awesome. 130405 – Not impressed with her first haircut! 130405 – Dessert is sorted! 130406 – Love this tunnel entranceRead More →

The second Monday in March was always Moomba when I was growing up. It was also Labour Day, the celebration of the 8 hour working day but really it was the Moomba Parade which was the true highlight. The parade has been going since 1955 and consists of colourful floats and displays from various groups. It generally culminated with the Moomba Dragon – a gorgeous Chinese Dragon manned by 150 boys and girls which thinking back was a wonderful example of the diversity of cultures represented. Also featured on the day was the Bird Man Rally – lots of silly people attempting to fly inRead More →