For a number of years now I’ve been using gmail to access my email. I started because it was one of the few mail services at the time that offered and effectively unlimited quota, and since I grabbed a great username being one of the first in, I’ve just continued. It’s easy to access anywhere and is quite quick to load, plus the search function makes finding that email that I know I got about 3 years ago much easier than it otherwise would be. Plus there’s the added advantage that the ending is recognised and less likely to be screwed up when adminRead More →

I was going to buy myself a shiny new iPhone 4S last year. When they came out I had only just moved to the UK (wasn’t even aware that I was pregnant at that stage) and on a pay-as-you-go type of thing with O2. Apparently this means that with O2’s infinite wisdom, I am not a good enough customer (despite 6 years of being on O2 in Ireland) to be able to get a new phone. I have to wait until they’ve exhausted the market that is their contract base and allowed the riff-raff in. This was estimated to take 4-6 weeks. I’m still waiting.Read More →

I was in a hurry 2 weeks ago when I purchased the DPNs from the crafty shop next to the pretty bridge. When I paid I remember thinking that it cost more than I expected, but I needed to get back to the office for a meeting so I paid up and ran. It wasn’t until I got home that I discovered why it felt wrong – I had been overcharged. I knew that I wouldn’t have a chance to get back to the store for at least a week, and I also knew that phoning probably wouldn’t help (they were closed by now anyway),Read More →

As I heard the tell tale splud noise my breath and my heart stopped. I looked down and sure enough there it was – panic ensued and my dripping iPhone was out of the loo, rather soggy. Thankfully it had falled out of my pocket as I’d turned to close the door and the loo itself was clean (that could have been bad – but let’s not dwell there). With my fingers trembling and remembering the fate of my beloved iPod touch I tore the protective cover off and run it under the tap for a few seconds (toilets – ewww). I then patted itRead More →

I know, I’m totally useless with this blog. I have all these great ideas but I am terrible – I write so many drafts and then don’t publish them. Generally this is because I cannot think of a witty title, or I figure that the post is too short to bother with, or I plan to add photos and then by the time I get around to sorting it, I’ve lost the moment. There’s also the fact that a post on facebook gets comments but my blog posts never do which makes me feel like I’m talking to an empty room! So I’ve now downloadedRead More →

Dear AIB Welcome to 2010. It’s a wonderful year full of exciting possibilities – the sun has started to show itself after a bitter winter and the iPad has just been released which should revolutionise the newspaper/magazine and possibly book markets. Huge leaps are being made in the area of health and we’re managing to come out of a recession. Gosh, we even managed to put a man or two on the moon itself! Now I know that you’re a little bit behind the times so let me tell you about something that you might have missed. It happened a couple of years back. ARead More →

I feel that today I really must jump on the bandwagon and make comment on yesterday’s announcement regarding Apple’s latest toy. And since I think it’s pretty fair to assume that you’ve been given all the specs and know what I’m on about I shall not bore you with the details, instead I’ll just bore you with my thoughts in a fairly random fashion… – stupid name – no usb so no uploading photos direct from your camera – you still need a computer – daft name – no webcam – no flash – stupid name – only 64Gb? – it’s not earth-shattering – it’sRead More →