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To Market, To Market…


Friday morning Elisa and I headed into town to check out the new market that will be held at Waverly Station. It’s great to see an undercover market in Edinburgh – it’s something that is sorely missing. There was roughly 20 stalls selling handcarfts, vintage goods, and artisan food/drink. The only ready to eat foods were breads and cupcakes. And no fresh veggies.

God how I miss the Queen Vic with it’s 7 hectares of undercover goods. The noise, the crowds, the smells and the colours. It’s one of the top Melbourne things that I honestly wish I could just transport over to every city I live in.


After the market I popped into Next and had a look at the kids clothes. I was struck by the shoe wall. The boys side included quite a few pairs of rugged, sturdy, stay-on shoes with decent treads – perfect for running in hot weather. The girls side was full of thin-soled things with flowers or butterflies and lots of thongs (flip-flops for the non-Aussies). Nothing suitable for running at all.


I had a realisation that if this is what is available in the affordable market then what message does that send? Boys get to choose function over form, girls get to choose pretty over practical. Do the stereotypes start before a child is even aware of gender? Is this where the glass ceiling really begins, with the boys running and the girls sitting on the sidelines watching? I know that I can find good shoes that are also pretty, but I shouldn’t have to spend 4 times as much and go out of my way to seek them out – not everyone is in a posiion to do that.

My Week in Pictures

Week 13.04 – Australia Day

Week 4 is from January 21 to 27 and includes Australia Day, a spot of brightness on a dreary day and some shellac nails

Not sure this lot will last until Australia Day! #homesick

20130123 – Not sure this lot will last until Australia Day! #homesick

More please Mum!

20130123 – More please Mum! Katja must like her lunch today 🙂

I've been flat out like a lizard drinking this arvo... #lamingtons #australiaday

20130125 – I’ve been flat out like a lizard drinking this arvo… #lamingtons #australiaday I’ve also written down the recipe for my cheats lamingtons.

First taste of vegemite #australiaday

20130126 – First taste of vegemite #australiaday

Vegemite is a hit #aussiegirl

20130126 – It appears that Vegemite is a hit #aussiegirl – thanks Katy for these great pics 🙂


20130127 – Red – spotted on a wet and dreary day, this little girl was skipping and generally being bright and happy.

Attacked by some strange creature - surely noone would *choose* to wear that?

20130127 – Attacked by some strange creature – surely noone would *choose* to wear that?

My first go at shellac - masquerade & vexed violette

20130127 – My first go at doing my own shellac – masquerade and vexed violette