Unexpected Willies

I have to say it’s been a lovely week, albeit quite tiring and I’m finding it very difficult to comprehend the fact that it’s already Thursday. Last Saturday I went geocaching with Siobhan. We decided to do some of the easy caches along the DART line and headed for Kiliney, south of Dublin. We then […]

Knitting Nancy Woes

First up, last night’s Cache ‘n’ Coffee event in Dublin for the geocaching crowd went really well – we had visitors from the US, Germany and Latvia join us, which is just fabulous and in all about 20 people showed. We were quite noisy but it was great to see people. Am looking for a […]

Geocaching – Scotland Mega

I’ve been looking forward to this for months and today was the day – the Scotland Geocaching Mega Event. I arrived in Edinburgh on Friday night and we were up early to catch the train to Perth, over the Firth of Forth fabulous bridge and through some gorgeous countryside to the small town. As we […]


It’s certainly spring/summer here – this pair of swans were tending to a flock of gorgeous fluffy cygnets by the canal in Dublin on Saturday morning. Saturday’s geocaching adventure with Cristina bagged not only 4 caches, but we also saw a large number of Phoenix Park’s new resident deer. Absolutely gorgeous! Not long afterwards the […]

Northern Ireland Geocaching

Saturday was a lovely day, I got up at stupid o’clock to get the train up to Belfast where I did a spot of shopping before meeting up with Juliana. We stopped at the Town Hall and then headed out of town for some serious geocaching. Our trip took in some fabulous sites, including Legananny […]

Pathtags Ordered

I’ve been thinking about ordering some pathtags ever since I first heard about them (according to the site, that was in March). They’re a small coin with one side enameled to your own design. They can be logged at the pathtags website and are great for personal swag items for geocaching. They’re highly collectible – […]

[GCMJ3V] (MMM) Gasworks Park

Found Location Melbourne, Australia Type Traditional – Regular Definite mozzie zone – helped by the large square mozzie breeding swamp next door. Tricky find as there was some sort of festival on today, but the muggles were busy with their own things and we found the cache. Nearly went A over T to get it […]


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