My poor old laptop is 5.5 years old, but thanks to some clever upgrades it’s still going strong. Over the last couple of years I’ve upgraded the RAM and the hard drive as well as the operating system. Well today was time to do some long-awaited cosmetic upgrades. The black and white skin is one I put on within a week of purchasing the laptop itself and while the lid has looked fabulous, the edges of the keyboard rest were starting to get slightly tatty, plus I’m kinda over the black and white. DecalGirl was having a sale so I took the opportunity to purchaseRead More →

For a number of years now I’ve been using gmail to access my email. I started because it was one of the few mail services at the time that offered and effectively unlimited quota, and since I grabbed a great username being one of the first in, I’ve just continued. It’s easy to access anywhere and is quite quick to load, plus the search function makes finding that email that I know I got about 3 years ago much easier than it otherwise would be. Plus there’s the added advantage that the ending is recognised and less likely to be screwed up when adminRead More →

As I heard the tell tale splud noise my breath and my heart stopped. I looked down and sure enough there it was – panic ensued and my dripping iPhone was out of the loo, rather soggy. Thankfully it had falled out of my pocket as I’d turned to close the door and the loo itself was clean (that could have been bad – but let’s not dwell there). With my fingers trembling and remembering the fate of my beloved iPod touch I tore the protective cover off and run it under the tap for a few seconds (toilets – ewww). I then patted itRead More →

Vinylville on Etsy does some stunning MacBook specific stickers. I just love the humour in these designs, especially the two I’ve chosen below. The designs stick to any glossy surface, and would make some pretty cool window decorations. Today there’s 14 items in their shop, but you can check out their other designs on Flickr.Read More →