It’s the ultimate way to express yourself – I just love a good wifi name

Half Price iPads

If you are interested in getting an iPad I can get hold of them through a contact. The numbers are limited and he has 20 iPads going for less than half price – it’s first come first served. He has already sold one (pic is attached below so you can see what you are getting […]

How Much?

Having encountered the joy of the 40 euro charge for not checking in more than 4 hours before my flight last week and the ecstasy of the 5:15am wake up call to get my flight this morning, this video was particularly poignant. If you’ve ever flown with Ryanair, or indeed any other cut-price airline, you’ve […]

Weight Watchers Recipe Cards

This site has been around for a LONG time, but it’s still a great one to revisit. The comments that go with the 1974 recipe cards are classic, but do read through them all – there’s some references to others that make them even funnier. CandyBoots WW Recipe Cards

What happens when BP spills coffee?

How to save by shopping

This is an important post for anyone out there who loves to shop – this is how to prove that shopping saves! The “logic” goes like this… If you save $100 and spend $80 you are $20 ahead. The less you spend compared to the amount you save the better. So… here’s a real world […]

Oops – Google gets it Wrong

I’ve been using Google translate for a while, it’s a simple interface but reasonably good for translating bits of text. One of the cool features is the ability to submit a better translation which is then used by Google to improve the service. When you submit a translation you’re told that it’s getting checked, which […]


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