Aer Lingus rivals Ryanair for stinginess

Forget Ryanair – AerLingus has just switched it’s Edinburgh/Dublin route to an AerAran operated Aer Lingus Regional, and dropped cabin baggage allowances to a 20x28x48cm piece weighing 7kgs max. After that you need to pay to put a case in the hold. Who can possibly do a weekend away where you may have an event that requires a second pair of shoes for 7kg??? If the cabin bins are too small they should allow a reasonable, ie 10kg max of hold luggage for free.

Oh and on AerLingus jets – has noone noticed the decided lack of leg room? I’m 5’6”, not tall and I’m not overweight yet my knees hit the seat in front of me now that they’ve reconfigured the seating.