My Week in Pictures

Week 13.08 – Cruisin and Happy Tea Pots

Week 8 is from February 18 to 24. None of us have been particularly well this week, suffering from ghastly colds. As a result there’s not so many pics as normal. Still, this week I finished my crocheted tea pot and Katja made some astonishing advances, at least for her age.

Tea brings happiness
20130219 – Tea brings happiness. I finished my tea cosy and I’m rather chuffed with the results!

22 sleeps until @edinyarnfest
20130222 – Getting excited about the up approaching Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

Instagram Image
20130222 – Australian Crawl. Katja started to properly crawl, she also pulled herself up to standing and started cruising!

20130222 – Here’s our little star in action!

Claret Bar, Hotel du Vin, Edinburgh
20130223 – Claret Bar, Hotel du Vin, Edinburgh

The factory where Jaffa Cakes first made is just around the corner from me (now apartments) #squidgybit
20130224 – The factory where Jaffa Cakes first made is just around the corner from me (now apartments) #squidgybit

My Week in Pictures

Week 13.02 – Polyhedral Fun

Week 2 is from the 7th to the 13th January. We leave Fulda and head back to Edinburgh and I make a squeaky tetrahedron for Katja.


<img alt=”It’s always a sad day when we have to leave Fulda” src=”” />

130107 – It’s always a sad day when we have to leave Fulda. This pic is of the Orangerie which is attached to the Schloss.


<img alt=”Katja is learning all about the properties of the tetrahedron #mathsgeek” src=”” />

130111 – Katja is learning all about the properties of the tetrahedron #mathsgeek with the ball I crocheted for her.


<img alt=”Important tetrahedron properties – squeakiness and nomminess #mathsgeek” src=”” />

130111 – Important tetrahedron properties – squeakiness and nomminess #mathsgeek


<img alt=”Germans know how to do coffee” src=”” />

130112 – pic from our last weekend in Fulda – the Germans know how to do coffee!



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My Week in Pictures 2012 Week 43

Week 43 is from Monday October 22, 2012 until (and including) Sunday October 28, 2012

This week Katja and I went for a walk, I made cushion covers to match my dining room chairs, I started a Knitmas project, I made a mistake with the Knitmas project, C’s parents visited, we all visited Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh and Katja ate stuffed frog’s legs.

20121023 – Katja doesn’t let the Edinburgh weather get in the way of a good walk

20121023 – New cushions with thanks to

20121024 – 2 at a time @knitmas

2012-10-26 – Trees are magical things – Katja can’t get enough!

2012-10-26 – For she who was born in Little France – frog’s legs for lunch!

20121027 – FECK! Just noticed this bloody obvious mistake… Fix (don’t know how), frog or repeat? #newbieknitter (NB I frogged this one but the next time I made the same mistake I managed to fix it)

20121027 – Red shoes are the BEST shoes!


Caffe Lucano

The website group said 7:30pm so at 7:25 I was there. It was I must admit the kind of focus of the day and I was feeling nervous. I sat down in the cafe on George IV bridge and waited. Noone there looked like a potential knitter. After a while two young women walked in and sat at the table next to me. Then another sat across – none of them were wearing any hand-knitted items and none looked to be carrying anything fibre related. I ordered some dinner.

Soon after I had cleared my plate and desert had arrived, I saw that one of the women beside me had pulled out a ball of yarn – eureka! I asked if they were the knitting group – turns out that it was their first night here too. We joined our tables and introduced ourselves and I pulled out my swallowtail. Very soon the women opposite joined us and by about 8:30 there were 7 of us – including two with gorgeous knitted cardigans.

The Edinburgh group are not my comfortable Dublin group yet, but they do seem to be lovely people. I felt very welcome and totally at ease. I’m looking forward to going back next week.

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Farewell Ireland

After 6 years in Ireland I’ve decided that the weather here just isn’t up to the advertised standard. So I’m headed off to Scotland, where I’m told that they have good, proper to-the-bones cold.

When I first arrived in Ireland I knew nothing about the place except for what I’d seen on the news or in twee tourist shows. I didn’t understand most of what was being said to me (and that was in Dublin – imagine the fun of my first encounter with Cork!) Sure, there were bombs being defused every week but I got used to that, the grass was *always* green, the rivers *always* had water in them and the pubs all served Guinness. Eventually I even managed to even get used to the spelling, but let’s not talk about your addresses…

Ireland is a fabulous and beautiful and totally crazy place. There’s castles everywhere (although the advertised two castles in one street in Dalkey didn’t quite live up to my early, naive expectations), lots of cows and sheep with cute black faces. I’ve been given directions that included the line “if you think you’ve gone too far you’re not there yet”. I’ve driven miles and miles through winding country roads behind herds of cattle or sheep, met a lady who was the last surviving occupant of a ruin I’d just been climbing over in a deserted village, had afternoon tea at Father Ted’s House (a show I didn’t understand until I’d been here for a while). I’ve walked over rope bridges, explored neolithic ruins tombs, sat under the capstones of dolmens and drunk whisky at the source. I think it’s fairly safe to claim that I’ve seen more of the place than many of the locals have.

But what the tourist shows and the news don’t show you is just how wonderful the people here are. I’ve been made to feel completely welcome here from the moment I stepped off the plane back in 2005 and heard “I Come From The Land Downunder” playing on the taxi radio.

I’m going to miss all of the great people that I’ve met – from all of those I’ve lived and worked with through to the amazingly resourceful and eclectic fibre artists who have truly inspired me. But at least Edinburgh isn’t too far away, so I’ll be able to come and visit from time to time.

Photos from my travels in Ireland

News & Updates

New Adventures Starting Soon

A lot has been going on behind the scenes the last month and now at last I’m able to let you all in on the secret – I’m moving house. And not just moving house, but moving country – again. After 6 years in Ireland pretty much to the day I’m going to be heading off to Scotland and to Edinburgh to live. No job lined up, I’m just going to head over there and see what happens.

As a result of that I’ve handed in my notice at work, and I’ve started packing. It’s not so easy to pack for an international move. You need to book a mover in advance, none of this hiring a van type of ease – I have no choice but to get a man (not so easy, most of them don’t bother answering quote requests). And that means that I need to know exactly how much stuff I’m moving in order to book them. I’m not so good at that side of things! I’m trying to sell off a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t think is worth moving – like a heavy salt lamp and a printer, tv and dvd player. It’s not an easy task that’s for sure. Still, I’ve managed to get about 10 boxes packed so far.

Naturally now is the perfect time to be filling up my social calendar, so Saturday I’m teaching a needle tatting course for charity. And of course I’ve packed the book I want to use for it!


A trip to the ER

It’s certainly been an eventful week for me!

It started with a slight scratch in my throat last Thursday, right before I flew to Edinburgh for the weekend. I had a good rest on Friday and spent a lovely day with Christian so I figured that it probably wouldn’t be too bad, but alas by Saturday my nose was running. Grr… especially annoying since we were seeing Anton and Gavin whom we hadn’t seen in far too long. The cold, however, seemed to be reasonable and so we had a great time catching up and it was so brilliant to see the guys. I figured that was the worst of it but how wrong was I! By Sunday afternoon the migraine had set in.

Monday I worked from home, I was exhausted, my shoulders ached, I was feverish and my head was still sore – I treated the migraine yet again. (It’s not totally uncommon to treat for three days of migraine for me) I could barely keep my eyes open and was sound asleep by about 9:30 that night.

Tuesday I had to get up at 5:30 to get my flight back to Dublin. Not sure how I made it, my head felt heavy, I felt weak and soooo tired. I slept for most of the flight, and most of the bus trip to the office. Once in the office I started to feel positively ill and feverish again, and the migraine was back. After lunch I went home – no idea how I got there, it’s not a long walk but every step was so painful. Definitely a bad attack.

Wednesday I couldn’t go to work, I stayed in bed with fever and sore head and drinking water like we were about to enter a drought. I staggered downstairs to the pharmacy at one point for rehydration salts – the pharmacy was teaming with people looking for cold remedies, this is not a nice one! By late afternoon the migraine had stopped responding to drugs – not a good sign, it had also crossed hemispheres and I was still feeling ill. I realised I hadn’t eaten more than a few mouthfuls since lunch on Sunday. Not a good sign, so it was off to the doctor.

Doctor gave me some drugs to knock me out and a referral to the ER in case when I woke it was still bad, I figured this would be it – I’d wake up and all would be right with the world. So I went home happy in the knowledge that I would soon sleep well. I did. But I also woke up with the migraine still bad and still there. And so at midnight I found myself checking in to the ER and trying to answer the questions from the triage nurse.

I spent the next 8 hours in ER. It was a quiet night so I was able to get some sleep on the horrible wooden seats in the waiting room before they called me in. Took nearly two hours, mainly because of an ambulance arrival and then the Guards brought in two people who had clearly been in some kind of altercation. I was in a lot of pain, but I know enough to know that the triage nurse would have bumped me down the list into the long wait category. Finally it was my turn. I was given at least 4 rounds of various drugs and had my blood tested. They tested my for viral meningitis (I always thought one of the symptoms was a rash but apparently not) and most likely various other possible causes. The conclusion was that I was suffering from a dehydration induced migraine (after a previous migraine from other causes), a standard rhinovirus (cold) plus a rotavirus (stomach flu) that had knocked out my gastrointestinal system so that the normal migraine drugs weren’t being effectively absorbed, I’d have to look at upping my doses for a while and so they sent me home.

I spent Thursday mainly in bed, missed the This is Knit Yarniversary party (I was looking forward to that). The headache came back again Thursday night so I hit it hard and slept like a log apart from the strange incident at 3am where someone started shouting hysterically at “Michael”. Today I’m resting as well. Still no appetite, it’s been 5 days since I had a proper meal now. But the good news is that I feel like I’m on the mend. Have even started a new knitting project 🙂