I’ve been looking at those cute maternity t-shirts available on Cafe Press and Amazon but they just never seemed right for me, a bit on the expensive side for something that is, to be perfectly honest, a bit of a gimmick and also never the right style of t-shirt. So, when Liz told me how she had made the awesome top she was wearing I knew I had to give it a go. You’ll need the following materials to get started – – a fine grade cotton top, I’ve used black but any deep colour should work – thick bathroom bleach – scrap cardboard, atRead More →

April 1st is International Tatting Day and I’d say that this year was bigger than ever before. For one thing I actually managed to tat on the day! (The other requirement is to eat chocolate…) I also managed to design a new pendant, which I’m rather chuffed with. Now to come up with a name for it… what do you think?Read More →

I love these oh-so-simple printed cup wrappers. They turn a standard and boring styrofoam cup into something absolutely delightful – and perfect as a way of handing out candy or other small gifts for party-goers. You can download and print these pretty paper cup wrappers by Amy Moss at Eat Drink Chic. “La Dolce Vita” is Italian for “The Sweet Life”.Read More →

I saw this video over on another blog and, just like the writer there, was totally impressed. While not the most riviting of presentations, the content totally blew me away – WHY on earth is this not done and in the shops already? How can we all get together and fund this? Hmm… Kiva style schemes for innovation funding??? I digress. Take a look. Brilliant Apparently the plugs here are so ginormous because they also have to include a fuse AND small power processing plant AND a sprinkler set inside them in case of fire. Why not fit that stuff into the socket end? AsideRead More →

Vinylville on Etsy does some stunning MacBook specific stickers. I just love the humour in these designs, especially the two I’ve chosen below. The designs stick to any glossy surface, and would make some pretty cool window decorations. Today there’s 14 items in their shop, but you can check out their other designs on Flickr.Read More →

Happily tatting away while watching TV – it’s a recipe for disaster when you don’t know the pattern. After I’d finished and taken photos I pulled out the original pattern and oops – looks like I misread that! On the upshot, that means a new design 🙂 The finished product to me looks a little like a pleated skirt – I really quite like it. Not sure at this stage what I’ll make of it, it’s too big for a pendant and too small for a standard doily. The sample here is needle tatted using size 10 crochet cotton. Copyright 2009 Kersti Anear First RowRead More →

If you’re looking for truely retro graphics for your online or offline projects, you simply must stop by the Graphics Fairy. Karen collects some simply amazing images that are free to download and use. And if that’s not enough, you can also check out her other blog – the Background Fairy which also includes some great tips for adding the various elements to your own blogger blog.Read More →