February 2014 Round Up

General Pics We started the month with a quick belly shot – interesting to compare the Katja bump on the left with the new bump on the right. Especially since I feel a lot bigger. My hair is a lot longer too, and has been looking good since Tegan straightened it for me back in […]

WIPS Whipped

I’ve had a particularly productive few of weeks here. I’ve managed to finished 4 projects! There’s not one but two hats for my brand new niece. A Yoda hat and a viking hat. As well as a cowl, which is yet to be photographed and my first ever pair of socks. So what do you […]

WIP Wednesday #11

In my last post I talked about the fact that I’ve got 5 projects on the go at the moment. Today I’m going to give a little round-up of where I’m at with the 3 that are actively being worked on. Cardigan The cardigan has progressed rather nicely. I’m deep into the lace section, however […]

Week 13.08 – Cruisin and Happy Tea Pots

Week 8 is from February 18 to 24. None of us have been particularly well this week, suffering from ghastly colds. As a result there’s not so many pics as normal. Still, this week I finished my crocheted tea pot and Katja made some astonishing advances, at least for her age. 20130219 – Tea brings […]

Week 13.02 – Polyhedral Fun

Week 2 is from the 7th to the 13th January. We leave Fulda and head back to Edinburgh and I make a squeaky tetrahedron for Katja.   <img alt=”It’s always a sad day when we have to leave Fulda” src=”http://www.kersti.com/blogpics/7471ae7e58b511e28b2322000a1fbe1b_7.jpg” /> 130107 –┬áIt’s always a sad day when we have to leave Fulda. This pic […]

WIP Wednesday Roundup

I’ve not been posting too much of late and it’s not because I’ve nothing to talk about, it’s mainly cos I’ve been so busy. I seem to have an awful lot of irons in the fire. On the knitting front, there’s Christian’s scarf which has lain dormant since Christmas and which I really should get […]

WIP Wednesday – Bump Bear

My latest project is a crocheted bear for Bump. I’m using a gorgeous hand-painted yarn and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. The pattern is one from DMC by Val Pierce and uses a crochet cotton to make something quite tiny, my DK weight yarn should make a good baby-sized bear. In […]


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