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Week 2014.01 – Farm Animals and a Finished Object

Something I’ve been meaning to do for so long – visit the Gorgie City Farm. It’s only a 10 minute walk down the road from us so there’s really no excuse. Finally last week we did so.

Most of the animals were hiding away, especially the ducks and bunnies. That was a shame. We also didn’t get to see the horse. However Katja was rather impressed with the Moo and the Ba-aa-aa as well as the pigs, chickens and goats. And she adored the dog! The tractor was also a big hit. We’ll definitely head back once the weather starts to warm up again.

Also on display is my first finished object for the year. The pattern is Starboard┬áby Alicia Plummer. The yarn is Adriafil Knitcol in colour 046. I really love the colour and I’m quite pleased with how I got the pockets to kinda match, but I’m not so happy with the result in general. The neckband is too tight and the whole thing is a bit on the small side, and given that I was knitting the 2 year old size and have a skinny kid plus that the pattern should be slouchy, I’m disappointed. Hopefully it’ll block out a bit but worst case scenario is that it is put away for Bump.

Speaking of Bump, we’re now at 28 weeks, so into the third trimester with only 12 weeks to go. The back/hip pain is getting really quite bad now and it’s really nasty when I try to move in bed. C has been a great help picking up the wee one while he’s been off work but it’s now back to normality and doing the heavy (she’s almost 11kg now) lifting myself, not to mention the constant bending over to pick up whatever she’s thrown on the floor. Pregnancy the second time around is proving a little more uncomfortable than the first time!



Incredible India – The Working Week

So, after the overwhelming first day of sightseeing in India, we settled into the reason that we were all here – to go to work! I spent the week dividing my time between NIIT and Magic. There’s no winner out of them, they’re both full of amazingly talented, kind, generous people. So here’s a quick run down of the highlights:

– Lots of incredible food. We’ve decided that Delhi Belly is a reference to the extra weight that we’ve piled on! Although some of the team members learnt the hard way to avoid Pan!

– Cows. Lots and lots of cows – walking along the road, holding up traffic, sitting in the sun.

– Shopping. From street shopping strips and huge modern malls to the fabulous Dilli Haat where we haggled for local handcrafts.

– The Hole in the Wall. A fabulous initiative by NIIT which saw a computer placed into a hole in the wall of their campus that was accessible to the children in the adjoining slum. The kids learnt how to operate the computer and to play games without being told. The concept has grown and can be found all over the place.

– Laundry – returned to our hotel rooms in baskets, neatly folded with paper strips around each item. Even Mum doesn’t do that!

– Cricket. We were there for the India Pakistan semi-final of the World Cricket Cup. The atmosphere was incredible. And they won – awesome! There were fireworks and celebrations in the streets, it was great to be a part of it.

India 143India - Day 2 012India - Day 3 002India - Day 3 012India - Day 3 013India - Day 3 019
India - Day 3 029India Day 3 033India Day 3 038India Day 3 041India Day 3 042India Day 3 045
India Day 4 030India Day 4 037India Day 4 040India Day 4 046India - Day 5-7 003India - Day 5-7 015
India - Day 5-7 022India - Day 5-7 026India - Day 5-7 029India - Day 5-7 032India - Day 5-7 037India - Day 5-7 045

India Highlights Day 2, a set on Flickr.