Hello 2015

Welcome to 2015! Yes, here I am again trying to get this blog thing going properly. Last year was a bit of a fizzer in blog terms. I couldn’t even reliably post a single monthly post of pics so how on earth I figured I’d handle a 10 week long project is totally beyond me! […]

The Xmas Xclutter Challenge

I have bad news if you’re a crafter, and good news if you’re a kid. Christmas is coming up, in fact it’s 80 days until the big day. As I look around me I can see an awful lot of stuff. Kids stuff, my stuff, his stuff. Stuff everywhere. And to think that it was […]


It’s been a crazy few weeks here, but I guess that’s the same for everyone in the Christmas countries. As a result I have totally failed to send cards to anyone, presents have made it only by the skin of their teeth and because I bypassed the wrapping and went straight from store to Mum […]

Learning to Craft

When I saw the tweet from one of my friends who owns an LYS here in Edinburgh asking if anyone could teach cross stitch I thought, well why not? Granted it had been years since I last did any cross stitch, but I used to do a fair amount of it – I even found […]

Week 12.52 Christmas

Week 52 runs from December 24 to 30. It’s the last week of 2012, Christmas week and we’re in Germany. 20121225 – Katja’s first Christmas, wearing the dress that I knit for her. 20121225 – A new trick for Christmas Day! Katja discovers what I’ve been telling her for months now – her cute little […]

Memory Monday – Christmas Magic

Christmases at my Aunty Kath and Uncle Don’s place were always magical. Kath and Don are my godparents, no actual relation. They generally included a birthday celebration for me, heaps of presents (which Marcus and I got to hand out) and a magical gingerbread house. I don’t remember ever eating the gingerbread house, but I […]

Memory Monday – Christmas Past

I keep a lot of the cards that I receive. They take up a lot of space, but I think it’s space that’s worth it as each is a treasured memory to me. In my Dublin apartment we had wardroes with opening doors – the backs of these were plastered with cards so that every […]


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