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February 2014 Round Up

General Pics

We started the month with a quick belly shot – interesting to compare the Katja bump on the left with the new bump on the right. Especially since I feel a lot bigger. My hair is a lot longer too, and has been looking good since Tegan straightened it for me back in April last year – only problem is now that my roots have started to grow I look like I have a frizz mullet!

Katja has finally started to expand her eating and every now and then will even have a sandwich for lunch. One evening she managed to eat all of her own dinner and polish off mine as well – granted it was fish fingers with mashed potato, but I was delighted.

We had an exciting afternoon when two firetrucks turned up, sirens going full blast and about 20 guys jumped out. There was that anxious moment of “OMG what do I need to pack to evacuate” but then I noticed that they were all heading for the block next door.

Towards the end of the month an errand filled morning saw me attempting to use the ergobaby to bring Katja home from nursery. This is no mean feat with the belly but we managed it and the girl thought it was great fun. I paid for it later on!

Also this month Mark visited us, but I was too slack to take any pictures. I’m so useless at that!

Crafty Pics

On the crafty front I ended up with some extra stitches in my cable here but twitter knitters soon put me right 🙂

I also blocked Damask – and found out that my cast on is far too tight to get a good scalloped edge. Must work on loosening up. Still, I’m delighted with it 🙂

I also started a hat for me, but it turned out far too big so I’m scrapped that. I then found an old crochet project to scrap and I’ll use that yarn to make a little hat for WeeBump.


WIP Wednesday – Blocking Mink & Sexy Cast Ons


Here’s a Splash of Mink blocking away. All the knitting is finished at last and once she’s dry I can start the sewing up. Must say, I really do think I should get some blocking wires…

And a close up – no lifelines used during the making of this, no counting mistakes that I’m aware of. It all went rather smoothly, which of course is getting me nervous!


So what’s next? How about Stephen West’s Meadowbrook? A couple of small changes – pattern calls for sport weight yarn, but I’m using Paloma which is a Bulky weight. This throws out the stitch count (I want a scarf not a shawl!) I’m also likely going to use a different cable pattern, mainly because of the bulky weight yarn, I want something that’s quite defined.

I’m very proud of my cast on – look at that neat lovely edge there. I found some instructions on a forum site which in turn are apparently from Reader’s Digest Knitter’s Handbook – this is them ::

  1. With a contrasting, slippery waste yarn, cast on half the number of stitches required using any method. Round down if necessary (e.g., half of 31 sts is 15.5, round down to 15).
  2. Purl one row
  3. Knit one elongated row (wrap each stitch twice instead of once, and drop the extra wraps on the next row).
  4. Switch to the main yarn, and work four rows in stockinette, beginning with a purl row. If you had to round down your cast on sts, inc 1 in the first row of stockinette.
  5. With a thinner needle, pick up the loops of your main yarn that show through the wrong side of the elongated contrast stitches. So, you have your regular needle loaded with stitches, and a thinner needle lying in front of it in the same direction with an equal number of stitches.
  6. *P2 from the regular needle, K2 from the thinner needle* to end of row. If you end up with one st on each needle, you can P from the big needle and then P from the thin needle. Continue working your 2×2 rib as usual.
  7. Snip one end of the contrast yarn and pick it out. The main yarn will not unravel.
  8. Admire!