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Week 12.51 – Birthday week!

Week 51 is from 17th to 23rd December and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, it’s also my birthday week when Flo and Juli came to visit. Incidentally, the Mayan calendar stopped so the world was also supposed to “end” on the 21st.

Christmas greenery

20121218 – Christmas greenery

My family is awesome - love you all so much!  #shiny #tiffanys #birthday

20121221 – My family is awesome – love you all so much! #shiny #tiffanys #birthday

Sorry Marvin, no apocalypse here!

20121221 – Sorry Marvin, no apocalypse here!

Ooh thumb - nomnom!

20121222 – Ooh thumb – nomnom!

Trying to add zip but bias tape too narrow and can't seem to make it work - doing my head in!

20121222 – Trying to add zip but bias tape too narrow and ca’t seem to make it work – doing my head in!

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Angus’ First Birthday

Today is my nephew Angus’ first birthday. Katja and I spent a good two hours on Skype with the family in Australia. It was the first time that the two cousins had actually met, they tend to be asleep when Tegan and I chat. Gus seemed quite interested in Katja. Katja for her part was more interested in food and cuddles, but then she is only 7 weeks’ old. It was great to see him and to hear him – he’s certainly very vocal. Tegan and Dan have done a great job with him, I’m proud as punch of the two of them and can’t wait to see them in person again.

While chatting we had the electrician come over to test the appliances in the flat that belong to the landlord. Of course we were told about this yesterday so I hadn’t had a chance to tidy a great deal, but sod it – I have a new baby and things will not be tidy. I ended up having an argument with the guy over the smoke detector. The one provided by the landlord is plugged into the mains and has a battery back-up. We’ve removed it from the plug and pulled out the battery. The reason we’ve done this is that it goes off every single time we cook – even just boiling water will sometimes set the damn thing off. We’ve complained about it before. And it’s just high enough that I can’t reach it to turn it off easily.

While I was pregnant I certainly didn’t want to be climbing on chairs every time I cooked lunch and with a newborn I don’t want the stupid thing to wake her and nor do I want her to get so used to it that she doesn’t wake. So, we pulled it out and purchased another one which sits at a spot where I can turn it off about a foot down from the ceiling. The electrician didn’t like this, and it took a few minutes of heated debate before he decided that a working smoke detector slightly not perfectly placed was better than a disabled smoke detector.

On the craft front I’ve finally finished the knitting part of my iPad cosy, just got to seam it all up which will be done today. I’ve then to choose my next project. Am I the only person who can spend years trying to work out what to do next?
Here’s my current options

Cushion Covers
I want to make a set of 4 cushion covers. I waver between richly cabled or simple stitch patterns like a crocheted trinity stitch. I know that I don’t want a stocking stitch cover. Christian wants a bright green and I prefer deep purples. Too many variables, too hard to work out how much yarn I would need. This project has stopped before it’s started and I’ve spent hours on it!

Super Warm Jumper
I really like this jumper, have a deep purple yarn to make it with, but it’s so warm that I think I’ll find it very difficult at the moment. Still I’d love to have it done before December.

Spoke jumper
I have the yarn for this one as well in red. I think it looks awesome but again another that will be crazy warm for knitting in August.

Gorgeous scarf/shawl and I have some stunning rainbow yarn which I’ve seen it made up in. This is a distinct possibility.

Venus or Freya
Alternatively I could do some crochet and try one of Aoibhe’s new gorgeous shawls…

Decisions decisions… I can see I’m going to be here a while so in the meantime here’s a little video from this morning.

News & Updates

A Special Birthday Surprise

Christian gave me an extra special birthday this year – not only is my present a trip for later (to Venice – yay!) but he also proposed. He presented me with this gorgeous cocktail ring – we’ll choose the “real” ring together later and had arranged for a stunning bunch of roses.

I said yes immediately – so now ich bin verlobt! (I am engaged) and very very happy 😀

Memory Monday

Memory Monday – Christmas Magic

Christmases at my Aunty Kath and Uncle Don’s place were always magical. Kath and Don are my godparents, no actual relation. They generally included a birthday celebration for me, heaps of presents (which Marcus and I got to hand out) and a magical gingerbread house. I don’t remember ever eating the gingerbread house, but I do remember being fascinated by it! This particular shot I’m wearing the flower-girl dress from Kath and Don’s daughter Pam’s wedding. This would make me about 5. When Christian and I visited them in February of this year we found that the place hadn’t changed a bit!


German Holiday

Had an absolutely lovely long weekend in Fulda, Germany. I left work at lunchtime and headed to the airport where I met up with Christian who had flown in from Edinburgh. We then grabbed a flight out to Frankfurt. Sounds rather silly, but it was actually cheaper to do this than for Christian to fly out directly from Edinburgh, plus we got the added bonus of an extra few hours together which is pretty precious at the moment.

At Frankfurt airport Inge and Helmut were there to greet us, so lovely to see them again 🙂 It was then off to Vapiano for dinner, I was quite chuffed with myself for remembering the address of the place too. Vapiano is a great concept – a pizza/pasta/salad place where you get a card on your way in and then head to the appropriate counter. They then make the food up for you on the spot and swipe your card – and it’s gorgeous food. Pasta is all freshly handmade and the pizzas are lovely – Christian always gets one with parma ham, figs and honey. Their coffee is good, being Illy. The only thing they don’t do well is the desserts. The first Vapiano I went to was in Antwerp. Since then I’ve visited them in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. I know they’re in London and Brisbane too – so get yourself there! I digress…

Friday was a day of shopping and setting up the fabulous canteen in Helmut’s school for the party on Saturday night. We spent a good two hours getting it all organised and it looked fabulous. Inge had organised sheets of thick red paper, with rose-print serviettes, candles and vases on the tables. The vases would be filled with white tulips. With the red walls of the room and the bright green chairs it all went together very well. Later that night as we were waiting for Julia and Florian to arrive it started to snow. About 4 inches of it in two hours. I knew it had been cold!

The party itself on Saturday night was lovely. Inge and Helmut had gathered 70 of their friends and they introduced every one of the guests to the crowd with anecdotes of how they had met or with stories about them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a large crowd of people so attentive for such a long time! Christian was translating where he could, but I’m getting better at understanding and a couple of the stories I understood pretty much in their entirety. We had a lovely buffet dinner (no sauerkraut) and the band played some great tracks (mainly in English). At the end of the night I drove us home….

Yes, I drove on the wrong side of the road. Granted it was 3am so the streets were pretty much deserted, however, the road was covered in ice which I’ve never driven on before and I had to make two trips – one to take Christian’s grandmother home and then the trip to take Christian, Flo and Juli home. The adrenaline was pumping pretty hard by the time I pulled up into the driveway but noone was hurt and no scratches on the car so I’d say a resounding success there.

Sunday was spent relaxing and Monday afternoon came around far too quickly. We were soon on the flights back to Dublin having had a wonderful weekend and a great celebration. Hope we can get back soon!

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Hofbräuhaus Dinner and a Surprise

This evening I met up with Christian at Munich airport, which was just lovely after a couple of weeks of skyping. We headed to town, dumped our things in a hotel room and then went on to the Hofbräuhaus. Inge had been expecting to spend a weekend with Florian and was quite surprised to see Juli who had travelled up from Barcelona. Imagine her surprise then to see Christian and myself 🙂

The beer was poured, the food delivered (I had the schnitzal), the music played and we all had a lovely evening. On the way out we popped downstairs to look at the beer hall – the roof decorations used to include swashtikas which have since been painted over with Bavarian flags.
There’s also a Hofbräuhaus in Melbourne – must add it to my todo list for when I’m next back home.
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