Week 12.51 – Birthday week!

Week 51 is from 17th to 23rd December and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, it’s also my birthday week when Flo and Juli came to visit. Incidentally, the Mayan calendar stopped so the world was also supposed to “end” on the 21st. 20121218 – Christmas greenery 20121221 – My family is awesome […]

Week 12.50 – Low Parks Museum

Week 50 from 10th to the 16th December. I visited Katy and we went to the Low Parks Museum, I got some new shoes and my birthday present has taunting me! 20121211 – A familiar face! 20121211 – Must remember this when designing my dream house 20121213 – New shoes! 20121216 – 5 more sleeps!

Angus’ First Birthday

Today is my nephew Angus’ first birthday. Katja and I spent a good two hours on Skype with the family in Australia. It was the first time that the two cousins had actually met, they tend to be asleep when Tegan and I chat. Gus seemed quite interested in Katja. Katja for her part was […]

A Special Birthday Surprise

Christian gave me an extra special birthday this year – not only is my present a trip for later (to Venice – yay!) but he also proposed. He presented me with this gorgeous cocktail ring – we’ll choose the “real” ring together later and had arranged for a stunning bunch of roses. I said yes […]

Memory Monday – Christmas Magic

Christmases at my Aunty Kath and Uncle Don’s place were always magical. Kath and Don are my godparents, no actual relation. They generally included a birthday celebration for me, heaps of presents (which Marcus and I got to hand out) and a magical gingerbread house. I don’t remember ever eating the gingerbread house, but I […]

German Holiday

Had an absolutely lovely long weekend in Fulda, Germany. I left work at lunchtime and headed to the airport where I met up with Christian who had flown in from Edinburgh. We then grabbed a flight out to Frankfurt. Sounds rather silly, but it was actually cheaper to do this than for Christian to fly […]

Hofbräuhaus Dinner and a Surprise

This evening I met up with Christian at Munich airport, which was just lovely after a couple of weeks of skyping. We headed to town, dumped our things in a hotel room and then went on to the Hofbräuhaus. Inge had been expecting to spend a weekend with Florian and was quite surprised to see […]


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