Craft, Yarnstrosity

Yarnstrosities at Ally Pally

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Knitting and Stitching Show in the Alexander Palace in London this year with Ilze. We saw lots of amazing things, hundreds of stalls and yes even found some wollmeise. Knowing me I shall plan yet completely fail to actually write a blog post about the goodies so I’m not even going to attempt to promise that.

These shows often include artistic and interesting displays. Here’s a few of the yarnstrosities that I found.

Can-Can spotted in a non-scarf way. Still blagh. Even less useful than Can-Can.


Still creepy.

This one makes no sense. Although judging by this image, it has “graced” a catwalk at some point.

Clearly being a model is NOT glamerous.