Found Location Melbourne, Australia Type Traditional – Regular We decided on this one as our first ever geocache attempt – found it nice and easy at 18:05 after a few minutes of searching. We’re guessing that the local muggles were all at home with hangovers. Loved the gardener’s entry – the man’s a poet. OUT : L1000 Italian coin IN : beaded book thongRead More →

So what is this ‘geocaching’ thing anyway?Simply put, geocaching is treasure hunting for the 21st century. Armed with a GPS receiver, a set of coordinates that tell you the location of a cache, and a healthy sense of adventure, players go out and look for caches of goodies hidden by other geocachers. If one of the goodies in the cache strikes your fancy, you can take it–provided you leave another goodie in its place. from Buxley’s Geocaching Waypoint What tools do I need? You don’t need a lot to start geocaching… well, maybe you do. You can start out relatively cheaply if you want orRead More →

I got a letter last night from some domain name place. It was posted in singapore and told me that if I didn’t pay to renew my domain ( within two weeks I could lose it. Funny, I KNOW I’m paid for a number of years yet. It’s actually a rather humerous letter, full of emotion and quotes and silly things to prove how legit it is. How stupid do they think I am? I mean, why don’t they just send letters to people saying "Hey, if you’re completely stupid send us money" – I’m sure it would work just as well.Read More →

I went off to vote today. I kind of stuffed it up tho cos I thought I’d be all smart and go to a different place so that I could do an absentee vote. Last time I did that I walked straight past the massive queue and was in and out within 5 minutes. So, I think I’ll be smart and do this again. I go to the Melbourne Town Hall – it’s big, should be pretty cool. Well was I ever so wrong! The first thing I see is a massive line, a good 100 metres long. I wander up towards the front andRead More →

OK, I started – I’ve got 4 areas I need to finalise the marking of, I’ve finalised one of them, so that means I’m about 10% through. Thank [insert deity of choice]! I’ve also worked out how I’m going to assess the second brief and I know I have the third brief done, so that leaves the dreaded forth brief left to mark – oh the pain! I promise (again) that next year I will plan my assessment better! Yes I know, I promised that last year too, but this time I really mean it!Read More →

uurgh! I have sooo much work to do and I really can’t be bothered. It’s marking too and I’m already way behind where I should be with it, it’s even keeping me up at night but I just don’t seem capable at the moment of committing to it all. Oh well, guess there’s no time like the present is there! I’ll see if I can do just 10 minutes of it and go from there.Read More →