Embed from Getty Images Date night. It used to mean theatres, jazz clubs, bars and walking through town together. Now that we have two wee people and no obligated babysitters it now means a take-away in front of the TV after the kids are in bed. On the rare occasion that we do actually get […]

Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins

These Raspberry and White Chocolate muffins are very quick and easy to make. I tend to make small cakes rather than large muffins and in this case I’ll get 24 out of this recipe. If you go for traditional sized muffins you’ll get 12. Ingredients 2 cups (264g) self-raising flour 2/3 cup (147g) white sugar […]

Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

These incredibly rich and decadent brownies have kind of become a bit of a signature for me lately. What’s not to love? Deep and silky dark chocolate combined with creamy cheesecake and tart raspberries and so easy to make. Ingredients – Brownies 200g good-quality dark chocolate, I use minimum of 70% cocoa solid 200g unsalted […]

ANZAC Biscuits

These iconic biscuits from Australia and New Zealand were made by army wives to send to their troops during the second world war as they travelled well and the ingredients did not spoil so easily. As such they are named ANZAC Biscuits (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps). They are associated Downunder with ANZAC Day […]

Cheats Lamingtons

Cheats Lamingtons From | Desserts Print Dig-in A cheats recipe for Lamingtons means that you can have these delicious Australian classic treats every day. Total 00:30 Prep 00:30 Cook 00:00 cal Calories 149kcal fat Total Fat 7g High sat-fat Saturated Fat 6g chol Cholesterol 2mg Low sodium Sodium 10mg carbs Total Carbohydrate 22g Serving […]

Pineapple Meringue Pie

Pineapple Meringue Pie From | Desserts | English and Irish Print One of my all time favourites and a nice alternative for those who find a lemon meringue too tart. Total 00:30 Prep 00:20 Cook 00:10 6 servings Servings 1234567891011121314151617181920 MetricUS Ingredients 9 “ pastry shell 1 can ( 450 g) crushed pineapple 2 […]

Perfect Banana Cake

Perfect Banana Cake From | Desserts | English and Irish Print Dig-in Someone on Twitter was asking for a Banana Bread recipe, so I thought I would share my favourite which is R1409 from the NMAA Cooks Red Book (Aussies will know the one I’m talking about!) Total 00:45 Prep 00:15 Cook 00:30 cal […]


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