Following on from yesterday’s post on famous knitters, here’s some more I found. The 32nd president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and his wife Eleanor as newlyweds. Joan Crawford Gina Lollobrigida photo by Leo Fuchs Sarah Jessica Parker Kristin Davis Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly Indiana Jones star Karen Allen opened her own fibre arts company! Uma Thurman was featured in Red magazine talking about her love of knitting Welsh singer songwriter Lisa Scott Lee Tim Daly fro the TV series Private Practice WOW – a lot of knitters 🙂Read More →

While stuck on Pinterest – it’s a black hole of a website, don’t go there unless you actually want your life to drain away – I came across a couple of pictures of famous people knitting. I thought I’d share them as it’s interesting (to me anyway) to see how many people out there who can honestly afford to buy whatever they want choosing to make things with their own two hands. Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret relax in the grounds of Royal Lodge Windsor where they practice their knitting skills. 1940. My favourite – Audrey Hepburn during a break in John Huston’s movie ‘TheRead More →

As the wonderful Rex Harrison said (not sang) in My Fair Lady, “I knew that she would do it, and indeed she did!” Yes, as you can see from the pic here my Innocent Knitting Nancy has proved successful and I now have two little smoothie hats to show for it. Truth be told I am rather chuffed with myself. This is also the first things I’ve knitted since I was a child and definitely the first projects I’ve ever finished in knitting – yay me! In other news, Siobhan came over to keep me company this afternoon which was lovely. I’m about 50% throughRead More →

Saw a re-run today of my favourite Grand Designs episode. It features Ben Law who is a woodsman in the old fairy-tale tradition. He has some bizarre planning conditions – such as the permission is tied to him so he cannot sell it. He’s not wealthy and the house is really going to be worth nothing at the end – he can’t sell it after all. Such a contrast to the usual show featuring some smug couple with more money than sense. Ben builds a wooden house, as befitting a woodsman. He makes it by hand and it is probably the most beautiful house I’veRead More →

I’m watching an episode of Yes Prime Minister with Jim Hacker looking at the prospect of banning smoking – the plan entails adding taxes until a pack of 20 costs about the same as a bottle of whiskey, banning point of sale advertising and also banning smoking in public places as well as cigarette sponsorship of sports. It’s absolutely hilarious, and even more so since pretty much every suggestion that is clearly here as a point of humour has since then actually happened.Read More →

Five years after jilting his pregnant fiancée on their wedding day, out-of-shape Dennis decides to run a marathon to win her back. Of course it’s not quite that simple – the reason for Denis’ sudden interest in running is a challenge presented by the new boyfriend – the swank, sophisticated and wealthy American. So as well as the standard “boy has girl, boy throws girl away, boy is shown that he can’t live without girl, boy proves his worth, boy wins back girl” story, this is also a “American moves in on boy’s territory, American is so much better in all ways than British boy,Read More →

It strikes me as ironic that we’re hearing reports of senate inquiries into Gordon Ramsey’s swearing being allowed through on TV in Australia when the Australian government’s tuorism campaign has caused so much fuss with the line “Where the bloody hell are ya?” Although I must say that I do agree with a time limit on the language, it really shouldn’t be shown before 9pm to allow parents half a chance at raising kids who can string a sentence together that doesn’t contain profanity if they wish to do so. And why should the focus be placed on Gordon himself when the TV stations haveRead More →