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Want to see a picture of a cute puppy? Of course you do...

So here I am, slowly coming out of the post baby zombie fog. E is doing amazingly well, putting on weight like a boss and sleeping better than K does. Of course the combined effect of the toddler not sleeping so well and the baby waking at normal for a two month old intervals means that C and I are completely shattered.

Craftree now has over 600 members and is growing daily. There’s over 700 patterns catalogued too.

On the craft front, yesterday I managed to do two pattern rows – not quite two repeats of my Wee Leisl which I’m working on for K. I also managed to do about a row’s worth of my old turtle latch hook. Would like to see it finished, although I realise now that the reason I slowed down was that I’ve no idea how to actually bind it off once I’ve done. I’ve generally made cushions or simply not completed the end product before. Time for a google me thinks!

The mouse wars are currently at a stalemate. They’re nolonger coming into the kitchen, although I do hear them behind the kick plates. That’s a win for us, however I’m hearing a LOT more noise behind the walls at the moment. Apparently we’re the only ones who have had them in the flat – I find that very hard to believe. I honestly think most people have no idea that they have them. You wouldn’t know here if you weren’t paranoid as I am. A few others have reported the scratching in the walls so I’m led to believe that the resident’s association are looking to get a communal pest controller for the whole block. Could not happen fast enough!

Picture is of Elisa wearing the cute puppy onesie from Grandma. I love the way she stretches when you place her on the bed.

Photo A Day

March Photo a Day Challenge – 1 & 2

I thought it a it strange that Tegan and co hadn’t posted anything about the March photo a day challenge after they had done the February one, so I went hunting this morning and found it.

It’s simply a matter of taking a photo each day using the theme as your inspiration and posting it somewhere like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or your blog. I’m a couple of days behind, so I have a little catching up to do – but here goes 🙂

Day 1: Up.
Looking up at the soft toys on the bookshelf in our living room – my favourite wombat peers down at me.

Day 2: Fruit.
Bananas, frozen berries, soy milk. I then add half a flake, some all-bran and honey for a delicious and nutritious smoothie.

Photo A Day

March Photo a Day Challenge – 3 & 4

Here’s my photos for days 3 & 4 of the #marchphotoaday challenge

3.3 My Neighbourhood – this is the park/playing field that is in front of our place, and the view is taken from the living room window. Every weekend a number of football teams meet here and play – sometimes two or three games at the same time. They range from tiny tots up to teenagers.

3.4 Bedside – clearly my bedside table with the latest book I’m reading, some water and the pregnant woman’s most important item – a box of bland snacks, in my case it’s rice bubbles.