are we there yet?

[GCJ8HR] Yes, but is it art? II

Found Location Melbourne, Australia As the light was still going to be hanging around for a while (love long summer days) we decided to knock this one off on our way home from Quasimodo’s Dream. I already knew the answers to most of the questions – well I thought she did. 18 years of passing… Continue reading [GCJ8HR] Yes, but is it art? II

[GCHHHF] Quasimodo’s Dream V2.0

Found Location Melbourne, Australia Well this one took a while to find! Of course it didn’t help that we decided to tackle this on a glorious Sunday afternoon, so the place was crawling with muggles. Finally found the decoy (thanks for the note) and were just about to give up when Gary deduced the cache’s… Continue reading [GCHHHF] Quasimodo’s Dream V2.0

[GCHXFW] Royal Trip – Two Bays Track #1 plus a disaster

We decided that this one might be a bit of fun and off we trundled. GPS said turn down Waterfall Gully Road. Melways said looked ok, no “(unsealed)” flags… well, a couple of hundred metres down we hit ungraded rubbish. Looks clear though… but Oh no, what’s that gut-wrenching noise? What’s that smell that reminds… Continue reading [GCHXFW] Royal Trip – Two Bays Track #1 plus a disaster

[GCHGKQ] Spreadsheet Stash

Found Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Some monkey work involved here, lucky to be wearing the right shoes. Heaps of traffic but luckily noone around to see us. As Jenna was with us we did a double swap. T: protective services cloth badge and squishy frog L: silver bracelet and perfume

[GCGD3P] Kiss Me, Darling

Found We decided on a visit to this gorgeous park where a few years ago we watched our close friends marry. About 10 minutes of searching uncovered the cache at 1730. No problems with needles, but a lot of rubbish in the area. T – toy car L – perfume

[GCHB23] ET Phone Home

Found Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia This was our first attempt at a micro cache with Jenna in tow. We started off on the wrong side of the river, but we’re most impressed with the institution there… Once spotted we made our way around and then spent a while searching. Just as we were about to… Continue reading [GCHB23] ET Phone Home