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Unexpected Willies

I have to say it’s been a lovely week, albeit quite tiring and I’m finding it very difficult to comprehend the fact that it’s already Thursday.

Last Saturday I went geocaching with Siobhan. We decided to do some of the easy caches along the DART line and headed for Kiliney, south of Dublin. We then walked to Dalkey taking in coastline and train tracks and Bono’s house and many other fabulously wealthy houses along the way. In all we found 7 caches on our travels. One of the caches we tried was an Earth cache – these are designed to teach you something about the physical earth and this particular one wanted us to find a certain type of rock on a bit of beach. A few guys were hanging around the beach, at first we figured surfers but then as we were examining a rock face one of them ran past completely starkers, with willies and all! Yes, we’d stumbled across a boy’s nude beach – completely not what we had expected to see on a cold and blustery Saturday afternoon! Did we find what we were looking for?

Sunday night Steve, Siobhan and Kate came over for a night of tacos and Settlers of Catan. We were all going easy on Siobhan as it was her first game, but then she went and won it – hmmm…. not so sure about that now! Cheeky!

And then Monday, Chris and Marisa arrived from Germany, they spent a few days in Dublin, see what sounds like some awesome sights (and some I must add to me to do list) and we’d meet up for a drink and dinner in the evening. Today they’ve grabbed a car and are headed to Glendalough and then are making their way to Tipperary. It’s been great to see them both, a bit of home. Although really, it just makes me homesick which isn’t so good – argh! Why does Australia have to be so far away? Not fair!

Tonight I’ll go to a yarn tasting, not really sure how that’ll go but it sounds like fun – will report in tomorrow.

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Knitting Nancy Woes

First up, last night’s Cache ‘n’ Coffee event in Dublin for the geocaching crowd went really well – we had visitors from the US, Germany and Latvia join us, which is just fabulous and in all about 20 people showed. We were quite noisy but it was great to see people. Am looking for a new venue for the next event, not entirely happy with Bewleys who are so inconsistent with their service and cannot cope with us at all.

Aside from that, I’ve been busy creating hats for the Innocent Smoothie charity thingy that’s on here – where each bottle sold that has a little knitted hat on it means money is given to Aged Action Ireland, a worthwhile charity organisation. Naturally I’ve been tatting hats and they take about an hour to do one in a nice DK weight yarn.

However, it dawned on me while away last week that an old fashioned Knitting Nancy might just do the trick, so when I got home I set about creating one – out of a butchered Innocent Smoothie bottle and some cotton buds. It looks the part, however I soon found out that there’s a problem – I have no idea how to use one! My first try was abysmal, but I think I had my tension too tight, or maybe my gauge is wrong. Now, do I go back to the drawing board and change my design, or do I try again with a looser tension? Not quite sure at this stage but I have all day to figure it out as I’m home with a rotten head cold.

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Geocaching – Scotland Mega

I’ve been looking forward to this for months and today was the day – the Scotland Geocaching Mega Event. I arrived in Edinburgh on Friday night and we were up early to catch the train to Perth, over the Firth of Forth fabulous bridge and through some gorgeous countryside to the small town. As we got our bearings outside the train station and headed towards the convention centre we started to see people walking about in classic cacher getup – hiking gear and a GPS. Turning one corner we found a small group gathered and sure enough, our first cache for the day was in hand. No need to hide it – we just handed to the next person together with the explanation of where it went.

At the convention centre we lined up to get our goodies – a silicon bracelet, name badge and lanyard and then we were in. A series of talks had been arranged, we went to the first but really they were’nt for us. In the main room we jostled to get to the vendor stands, I had a play with the new Garmin 62 series (nice kit and pretty colour) and looked at countless geocoins and cache containers. In the end I got a small log book and a roll of tape.

Of the cachers I knew who were going I only managed to run into Kevin and Karen. Kevin was running around like a mad kid who’d had too much red cordail! It was a total geek fest. After a few hours we decided to head out and do some actual caching.

In all we did 19 caches around Perth – it’s a beautiful city and we had such glorious weather, a truely perfect day out. Most of the caches we came across we found from ages away simply because we looked for where the crowds had gathered! In all we walked over 20kms, so we were utterly exhausted by the time we got home.

Photos to come soon!

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It’s certainly spring/summer here – this pair of swans were tending to a flock of gorgeous fluffy cygnets by the canal in Dublin on Saturday morning.

Saturday’s geocaching adventure with Cristina bagged not only 4 caches, but we also saw a large number of Phoenix Park’s new resident deer. Absolutely gorgeous! Not long afterwards the heavens opened up and we get a taste of the European Monsoon – yes, monsoon. As in wet like you wouldn’t believe. This isn’t your normal Irish namby-pamby soft stuff, this is rain that would feel quite at home in Australia. With 2km of walking an no shelter we were soon resembling drowned kittens. While most taxis avoided us – hello? it’s water not the plague – one finally stopped to pick us up and it was home to try to get dry.

My iPod however seemed to be a little worse for wear and would not turn on at all. I’ve had it sitting in a bowl of rice all day, it seems to be responding a little now although it’s still not perfect yet… fingers crossed!


Northern Ireland Geocaching

Saturday was a lovely day, I got up at stupid o’clock to get the train up to Belfast where I did a spot of shopping before meeting up with Juliana. We stopped at the Town Hall and then headed out of town for some serious geocaching.

Our trip took in some fabulous sites, including Legananny Dolmen, Spelga Dam, Windy Gap and even a Souterrain which is a tunnel dug under farms to hide catholics. The pictures tell it better than I do.

[pe2-gallery class=”aligncenter” ]


We had good if not great weather – would have been nice to have the view from Windy Gap without the clouds, but at least it was dry and relatively warm. Lots of good ideas for future trips too…

At the end of the day we managed to knock over 20 finds, which is my record for finds in a day (by one!) and I even managed to make it onto the last train home after a bit of an adventure trip to Newry Station thanks to unsignposted roadworks 🙂


Pathtags Ordered

I’ve been thinking about ordering some pathtags ever since I first heard about them (according to the site, that was in March). They’re a small coin with one side enameled to your own design. They can be logged at the pathtags website and are great for personal swag items for geocaching. They’re highly collectible – you can even buy them on ebay.

So, this is my design. I think it’s just perfect for me. It reminds me of my wedding dress. Took me a little while to get the design sorted out according to the criteria that they state for the enamelling process. I placed my order today and now I have to wait while they get the blueprint arranged for me. After that it’ll be about 6 weeks before they arrive – hopefully I’ll have them by Christmas!

Visit the Pathtags Website