My Week in Pictures 2012 Week 41

Yarn Pal

Week 41 is from Monday October 8, 2012 until (and including) Sunday October 14, 2012 This week I received a new knitting related gadget, taught Katy how to needle tat, finished the second row of my current WIP and started to cover my dining chairs. 20121008 – New toy! 20121008 – It spins! #newtoy #yarnpal […]

Next Project is Picked!


That went a lot faster than I thought it would – yes, I’ve managed to pick my next project. In fact I think I’ve picked my next two projects. This is a huge achievement, normally it takes me a week to pick a project, not a day. I tend to umm and ahh about which […]

WIP Wednesday Roundup


I’ve not been posting too much of late and it’s not because I’ve nothing to talk about, it’s mainly cos I’ve been so busy. I seem to have an awful lot of irons in the fire. On the knitting front, there’s Christian’s scarf which has lain dormant since Christmas and which I really should get […]

Finished Friday – Jenna’s Wedding Necklaces


I was so chuffed when my youngest sister asked me to make some necklaces for her wedding. Of course that meant deadlines and an enormous amount of pressure that the finished objects be absolutely perfect. Luckily her chosen pattern was relatively simple, even if the colour combination of dusky rose and chocolate crystal beads was […]

Something New

So my last proper post was about my trip to the hospital. That was a Wednesday night and at that stage I hadn’t eaten a proper meal since the previous Sunday lunchtime (scrumptious too). I’d actually started to get sick before that meal and I know it wasn’t anything in particular I ate. Anyway, I […]

Rambling Flowers Insertion


Tatting Pattern by Anne Orr This pattern can be found in Tatting with Anne Orr. Copyright has expired on Anne’s wonderful patterns. A very striking pattern suitable for absolute beginners. Instructions Clover leaf Ring: 5ds, p, 5ds, p, 5ds Ring: 5ds, join to last p of previous ring, (5ds, p)x2, 5ds Ring: 5ds, join to […]

Chanel goes Cheap


I was taken aback when walking through Brown Thomas yesterday by this dress. There she was on a manikin looking all innocent – and tatting-like. Closer (ok, about 2 metres off) it was apparent that the lace in question, while mimicking tatting’s forms was certainly not tatting. In fact it looked rather like bits of […]


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