A little experiment today – I knitted myself a small stockinette swatch and added a simple chain-only tatted edging to it. This was done in worsted weight and once I’d finished I realised that the whole thing would fit just nicely around my wrist, so I added another tatted chain to the side and a button. Voila, tatting edged cuff. It’s quite warm and snuggly and I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. Must do some more experiments!Read More →

Week 41 is from Monday October 8, 2012 until (and including) Sunday October 14, 2012 This week I received a new knitting related gadget, taught Katy how to needle tat, finished the second row of my current WIP and started to cover my dining chairs. 20121008 – New toy! 20121008 – It spins! #newtoy #yarnpal 20121009 – Been saving this one #golddust #aero #tatting 20121009 – Katy’s first needle tatting \o/ #starpupil 20121014 – Row 2 sorted #freyja 20121014 – First attempt was close but not quite right so now unpicking original seat covers #ikeahack #upholstery #sewing 20121014 – Has anyone ever had their sewingRead More →

That went a lot faster than I thought it would – yes, I’ve managed to pick my next project. In fact I think I’ve picked my next two projects. This is a huge achievement, normally it takes me a week to pick a project, not a day. I tend to umm and ahh about which yarn, which colour, what pattern and then go around and around in circles for ages. I’ve been wanting to do cushion covers for months now and finally I’ve settled on a yarn/colourway which I’ll need to order. Haven’t worked out the pattern yet! After going through pretty much every beretRead More →

I’ve not been posting too much of late and it’s not because I’ve nothing to talk about, it’s mainly cos I’ve been so busy. I seem to have an awful lot of irons in the fire. On the knitting front, there’s Christian’s scarf which has lain dormant since Christmas and which I really should get to work on, especially given the crappy weather we’ve been having of late. There’s also Bump’s dress which just needs the ends sewn in and then some blocking and it’s all finished. Oh and I’ve started a pair of socks, mainly cos I’ve never done socks before and wanted aRead More →

I was so chuffed when my youngest sister asked me to make some necklaces for her wedding. Of course that meant deadlines and an enormous amount of pressure that the finished objects be absolutely perfect. Luckily her chosen pattern was relatively simple, even if the colour combination of dusky rose and chocolate crystal beads was not! It took me probably about 2 months to find the right colours. Eventually I settled on mocha swarovski beads (luckily available in Dublin) and Anchor embroidery thread in 60. The pattern itself is a classic luncheon set reworked (and much kudos to TotusMel who originally saw how good thisRead More →

So my last proper post was about my trip to the hospital. That was a Wednesday night and at that stage I hadn’t eaten a proper meal since the previous Sunday lunchtime (scrumptious too). I’d actually started to get sick before that meal and I know it wasn’t anything in particular I ate. Anyway, I didn’t eat my next meal until the following Sunday breakfast! The only good side to that being that I managed to lose 3lbs/1.2kg Since then my eating hasn’t been the best, but today I managed a gorgeous Afternoon Tea to celebrate Cat’s birthday which was just lovely. On the craftyRead More →

Tatting Pattern by Anne Orr This pattern can be found in Tatting with Anne Orr. Copyright has expired on Anne’s wonderful patterns. A very striking pattern suitable for absolute beginners. Instructions Clover leaf Ring: 5ds, p, 5ds, p, 5ds Ring: 5ds, join to last p of previous ring, (5ds, p)x2, 5ds Ring: 5ds, join to last p of previous ring, 5ds, p, 5ds Chain: 4ds, (p, 4ds)x8 * Clover leaf Ring: 5ds, join to last p of chain, 5ds, p, 5ds Ring: 5ds, join to last p of previous ring, (5ds, p)x2, 5ds Ring: 5ds, join to last p of previous ring, 5ds, p, 5dsRead More →