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January 2014 Round Up

General Pics

January started in the standard way, with lots of fabulous fireworks. We stayed in and watched them from the comfort of our couch – very cosy!

For a minute there I thought the business to the left was doing private parties! #lookagain

And while picking up Katja from Nursery the street was blocked off by firefighters. Turns out there was a building well and truly ablaze on the other side of the canal. It’s since been torn down, which is no great loss – was a bit of an eyesore.


Katja is starting to try to help around the house, which is really quite sweet. She’ll sweep up with the broom, put on the rubber gloves and even tries to season the chicken.

I popped into a local charity shop and scored a toddler sized handbag and very pretty denim dress for Katja – and no pink or cartoon/princess characters in site.

Meanwhile we’re into the 7th month of Bump and she’s starting to look a little more obvious now!

London Trip

This month we popped down to London for a long weekend. The idea was to meet up with Suzy and Dave to celebrate their recent nuptuals, but that didn’t quite work out. Never mind – we got to catch up with Ilze and Paul and with Gavin and take Katja to the Natural History Museum, which she adored.

We went down by train which we booked online only to find that had put us in separate seats with no table despite our wishes. And as there was no way of letting them know that we had an under 2 with us oh my what a nightmare that would have been! Luckily for us we were travelling off peak and the wheelchair spaces were free for both journeys giving us the space that we needed for 5+ hours of train time with a toddler.


This month started with one finished item – a jumper for Katja which unfortunately ended up just a tad too small 🙁 An unusual construction technique didn’t really pay off so eventually I’ll make another for her using the same yarn.

I also started on my Birthday Damask Shawl – a fabulous gift from Liz. I’d been eyeing this pattern off for years and had somehow elevated it to the “wow” level. I also found the prospect of starting by casting on over 300 stitches for the long edge to be overwhelming and I was convinced it would be a drag to knit. Boy was I wrong – I haven’t enjoyed knitting something so much for quite a long time. Actually, probably not since the last time I knit lace. Perhaps I should be looking more at lace patterns to knit!

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Week 2014.01 – Farm Animals and a Finished Object

Something I’ve been meaning to do for so long – visit the Gorgie City Farm. It’s only a 10 minute walk down the road from us so there’s really no excuse. Finally last week we did so.

Most of the animals were hiding away, especially the ducks and bunnies. That was a shame. We also didn’t get to see the horse. However Katja was rather impressed with the Moo and the Ba-aa-aa as well as the pigs, chickens and goats. And she adored the dog! The tractor was also a big hit. We’ll definitely head back once the weather starts to warm up again.

Also on display is my first finished object for the year. The pattern is Starboard by Alicia Plummer. The yarn is Adriafil Knitcol in colour 046. I really love the colour and I’m quite pleased with how I got the pockets to kinda match, but I’m not so happy with the result in general. The neckband is too tight and the whole thing is a bit on the small side, and given that I was knitting the 2 year old size and have a skinny kid plus that the pattern should be slouchy, I’m disappointed. Hopefully it’ll block out a bit but worst case scenario is that it is put away for Bump.

Speaking of Bump, we’re now at 28 weeks, so into the third trimester with only 12 weeks to go. The back/hip pain is getting really quite bad now and it’s really nasty when I try to move in bed. C has been a great help picking up the wee one while he’s been off work but it’s now back to normality and doing the heavy (she’s almost 11kg now) lifting myself, not to mention the constant bending over to pick up whatever she’s thrown on the floor. Pregnancy the second time around is proving a little more uncomfortable than the first time!


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Week 13.31 – Fair Isle Finished

Week 31 already! And a quick checks shows that I’m currently 19 weeks behind in my weekly posts. Hmm, not so good – lots of work to do to catch that lot up! I maintain that the reason for this is the gorgeous summer weather we’ve been having, it’s been so long that the novelty is yet to wear off.

So week 31 saw me finally finish knitting up the super secret fair isle project. Great news, except for all the horrid ends that I’ve to sew in. My swatch made me think that carrying them up the side wouldn’t work – I think if I were to do another I’d try to twist them up the side rather than break them.

Knitting finished. Time to sew in all the ends #fairisle
20130729 – Knitting finished. Time to sew in all the ends #fairisle

It took me 3 days to get the ends sewn in. If there hadn’t been a deadline I reckon they’d still be attached! The end result, BTW is absolutely gorgeous and I’ll show you as soon as I’m allowed to.

The ends! #knitting #fairisle
20130731 – The ends! #knitting #fairisle

I also cut into some very happy fabric with the intention of making a new cot bumper for Katja’s playpen. It’s currently sitting on my sewing machine waiting for me to fgure out just how I’m going to sew it all together and maintain perfectly straight lines.

Happy fabric #sewing
20130729 – Happy fabric #sewing

Katja is walking like a champ now. She seemed to give up for a week or so when her grandparents were visiting, but now she’s walking about 75% of the time. Such a cute walk, kind of like taking steps to not fall over.

Self portrait #misskatja
20130803 – Self portrait #misskatja

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Knitted cuff with tatting #experiment

A little experiment today – I knitted myself a small stockinette swatch and added a simple chain-only tatted edging to it. This was done in worsted weight and once I’d finished I realised that the whole thing would fit just nicely around my wrist, so I added another tatted chain to the side and a button. Voila, tatting edged cuff. It’s quite warm and snuggly and I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. Must do some more experiments!

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Fancy New Nappy Bag bag


I’m so proud of my new nappy bag, just have to show it off! I started this one before Christmas and it’s sat there, mostly done, while I tried to figure out how to finish it. Finally yesterday I got it sorted. Granted it’s not professional-quality finished, but then I’m not exactly trying to sell it and I’ll never make another.

There’s so many lovely nappy (for Americans a nappy is a diaper) bags out there but they cost a fortune. Most have heaps of little pockets and matching change mats and the like. But at the end of the day you just need a bag to carry stuff, trying to figure out which pocket you put your keys in when you have a crying baby and you’re standing in front of your door in the pouring rain is not fun and I’m convinced it’s no quicker than just rummaging in a large sack anyway.

Typical me, most of the bags were also not quite right – the ones with great designs and nifty features tended to be horrid colours and those with the nice colours were ghastly expensive or impractical. Hence the genius idea of making my own.

I started off with this tutorial from Feather’s Flights and made a few mods, most I gleaned from other tutorials along the way. As I wanted to change the dimensions I had to start with a fair bit of working out and measuring and to be honest it *IS* a little big! Since I started we’ve managed to really par down the amount of stuff we travel with, but a big bag will never go astray – I can carry of of my stuff along with Katja’s in this one. I made it as wide as the pram.

The button is a gorgeous 3-piece affair I picked up in Fulda while we were there for Christmas, the colour matches in perfectly. The fabric is curtain fabric from Laura Ashley which I got on sale. Even so I reckon this bag came in at the same price as a reasonably expensive shop bought one.

This bag was fiddly to make, every pocket is lined, most pieces are interfaced plus there’s wadding used to give additional body to the bag walls and a mass of top-stitching. Given that I’ve never had a sewing lesson in my life I was really flying by the seat of my pants here!

I’m totally chuffed with the results and looking forward to many years of use even after I nolonger need to carry nappies about.

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Knitmas Cowl

A warm and squidgy scarf/cowl hybrid that does up with a gorgeous button.

For this I used Drops Merino Fine in DK weight held double.

Cast on 70
Row 1-4 Knit
Row 5 K3, Cast off 2 stitches. Turn work and cast on 2 stitches. Turn work and knit across. (make a buttonhole)

Center panel
** Row 6 Knit
Row 7 and all odd-numbered rows K5, P to last 5 stitches, K5
Row 8 K5 *C4B, K4, C4F. Repeat from * to last 5 st, K5
Row 10 Knit
Row 12 K5, *K2, C4F, C4B, K2. Repeat from * to last 5 st, K5
Row 14-28 Repeat from ** twice more

Rows 30-34 Knit
Cast off and weave in ends
Place a large button on the side opposite the buttonhole, in the middle. (try on for placement)

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Week 12.48 – Katja finds her feet

Week 48 of 2012 from 26th November to 2nd December – Katja finds her feet and I learn how to do a knitted i-cord which results in a new hat for Katja.

Awesome new skillz #worldismyoyster #growupsofast

20121126 – Katja displays her awesome new skillz (yes, she’s found her feet) #worldismyoyster #growupsofast


Playtime with crazy hair

20121127 – Playtime with crazy hair


Just taught myself how to make i-cord

20121129 – Just taught myself how to make i-cord


Happiness is sunshine and a new hat

20121130 – Happiness is sunshine and a new hat


It's a little chilly on the canal today

20121130 – It’s a little chilly on the canal today


Tomorrow will be quite pleasant

20121130 – Tomorrow will be quite pleasant