Just wanted to share my weight loss spread with you. On the left hand side you can see a standard countdown to goal. I’ve decided that I want to lose somewhere between 15 and 21 kilos – the upper end of that is 45lbs. Since pounds are smaller increments and so easier to mark off they should be more motivational than using kilos as the yardstick. Although to be honest the whole concept of stones and pounds used here in the UK leaves me totally bamboozled. They just don’t make sense at all – yet that’s what makes sense to everyone else here so I’llRead More →

Embed from Getty Images Date night. It used to mean theatres, jazz clubs, bars and walking through town together. Now that we have two wee people and no obligated babysitters it now means a take-away in front of the TV after the kids are in bed. On the rare occasion that we do actually get to leave the house we often spend the time talking about or worrying about the kids anyway so our stay-in date nights feel more secure and cosy in many ways. We started using a few different take-away places before we settled on our favourites. Our favourite Chinese place does somethingRead More →

Last night the UK government voted to start air strikes against ISIL in Syria. Whatever you feel about this action, I thought that the Members applauding was quite frankly crass in the face of the inevitable civilian loss of life. As for the decision, I’m not sure how I feel – I know that I do not have access to the information that they will have at the “top” and so from my living room it’s not a decision that I am equipped to make. From what I can see, I’m not convinced that this is the answer. But, that’s not the point of thisRead More →

Yet another migraine morning for me today and wee Elisa had a horrid night with fever – I tell ya, we’re all glad here it’s the weekend! The Haar is in this morning – that’s the sea fog that envelopes the Firth of Forth and the surrounds. It’s really thick and visibility is about 10 metres at the moment. (Picture added later when it had started to burn off) It’ll hang around for a little while by the looks of it too. I remember being at a friend’s place and watching it roll in – reminded me of the dust storms in Melbourne many yearsRead More →

View image | gettyimages.com Elisa’s favourite song is Row Row Row Your Boat. At any time of the day she will climb up onto your lap and start leaning backwards saying “row row” and you have to start singing (banshees visit if you should dare not to). She loves it and especially loves the actions and sounds at the end of the verses, in particular the alternative verses. I’ve taken to making up new ones just to relieve the monotony. Here’s a few of our alternative verses: Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dreamRead More →

These Raspberry and White Chocolate muffins are very quick and easy to make. I tend to make small cakes rather than large muffins and in this case I’ll get 24 out of this recipe. If you go for traditional sized muffins you’ll get 12. Ingredients 2 cups (264g) self-raising flour 2/3 cup (147g) white sugar 2/3 cup (100g) finely chopped white chocolate or white chocolate chips 1 egg (medium) 125g butter, melted 150g plain or vanilla yoghurt 4 tbsp water 1 tsp vanilla essence 1 cup (125g) frozen raspberries Method 1. Preheat oven to 200’C (400’F) and prepare a 12-pan muffin tray. I just lineRead More →

It was about 2 weeks ago that I first heard there was to be an eclipse visible from my home in Edinburgh. Oh the excitement! However, I had far too much to do with chicken pox and preparing for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (a post about those to come if I get around to finishing it!) and so the sum total of my preparations was to check that the nursery was aware of it and would do something. I confess, I did consider having Katja home for the day to view it but again the chicken pox thing and a rare, brief moment of rationalRead More →