are we there yet?

Unexpected Willies

I have to say it’s been a lovely week, albeit quite tiring and I’m finding it very difficult to comprehend the fact that it’s already Thursday.

Last Saturday I went geocaching with Siobhan. We decided to do some of the easy caches along the DART line and headed for Kiliney, south of Dublin. We then walked to Dalkey taking in coastline and train tracks and Bono’s house and many other fabulously wealthy houses along the way. In all we found 7 caches on our travels. One of the caches we tried was an Earth cache – these are designed to teach you something about the physical earth and this particular one wanted us to find a certain type of rock on a bit of beach. A few guys were hanging around the beach, at first we figured surfers but then as we were examining a rock face one of them ran past completely starkers, with willies and all! Yes, we’d stumbled across a boy’s nude beach – completely not what we had expected to see on a cold and blustery Saturday afternoon! Did we find what we were looking for?

Sunday night Steve, Siobhan and Kate came over for a night of tacos and Settlers of Catan. We were all going easy on Siobhan as it was her first game, but then she went and won it – hmmm…. not so sure about that now! Cheeky!

And then Monday, Chris and Marisa arrived from Germany, they spent a few days in Dublin, see what sounds like some awesome sights (and some I must add to me to do list) and we’d meet up for a drink and dinner in the evening. Today they’ve grabbed a car and are headed to Glendalough and then are making their way to Tipperary. It’s been great to see them both, a bit of home. Although really, it just makes me homesick which isn’t so good – argh! Why does Australia have to be so far away? Not fair!

Tonight I’ll go to a yarn tasting, not really sure how that’ll go but it sounds like fun – will report in tomorrow.