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The Joys of Suffrage

Suffragettes won the vote in the early 20th centuryI went off to vote today. I kind of stuffed it up tho cos I thought I’d be all smart and go to a different place so that I could do an absentee vote. Last time I did that I walked straight past the massive queue and was in and out within 5 minutes. So, I think I’ll be smart and do this again. I go to the Melbourne Town Hall – it’s big, should be pretty cool.

Well was I ever so wrong! The first thing I see is a massive line, a good 100 metres long. I wander up towards the front and see that it says “interstate” – haven’t these people heard of postal votes??? So I ask a polling officer person where I should go – she points to another line. They’ve lumped the locals and the absentee voters in together in the one line. It goes around the block!

Anyway, I figure it’s moving fast and I might as well stand in it until I can find something better. So I line up behind some woman who is complaining rather loudly that she should have a smaller line because she lives in the area. She’s asking people where they live and telling them to go somewhere else because this is HER line (I didn’t see her name on it)

She grumbled the entire way into the building where an official person asks us all which suburb we live in – turns out that federally I’m in the local seat, so I miss out on going to the nothing queue inside and have another long queue where I get to listen to more complaints from Miss Grumpy Pants, who by this stage is convinced that noone in the line lives nearby!

Took a surprisingly small amount of time to get through it all so that was good. Now we wait to see the results, will Australia dump Howard and risk the unknown??? Will Pauline get a senate seat??? Does anyone really care???