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My First Socks

I started my first ever pair of socks yesterday. I’m using a pattern I found on Ravelry called “Socks That Fit” – so hopefully that’s what they’ll do when they’re finished! I’m doing them in crochet which works up thicker than knitting so instead of the following the pattern I’ve decided to stitch into the back loops for the main fabric of the sock.

The yarn doesn’t really show up that well in the light that I took this photo with, it’s a very intense orange with other colours through it. Quite crazy, no pattern – perhaps it patterns up better if you knit it. I picked this up at a discount store in Germany. The line of colour at the top of the picture is my little gauge swatch and the background is my project page for this one.

So far so good, managed to do half of one foot length. Of course second sock syndrome is in my near future so no breath holding!