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Knitting Nancy Woes

First up, last night’s Cache ‘n’ Coffee event in Dublin for the geocaching crowd went really well – we had visitors from the US, Germany and Latvia join us, which is just fabulous and in all about 20 people showed. We were quite noisy but it was great to see people. Am looking for a new venue for the next event, not entirely happy with Bewleys who are so inconsistent with their service and cannot cope with us at all.

Aside from that, I’ve been busy creating hats for the Innocent Smoothie charity thingy that’s on here – where each bottle sold that has a little knitted hat on it means money is given to Aged Action Ireland, a worthwhile charity organisation. Naturally I’ve been tatting hats and they take about an hour to do one in a nice DK weight yarn.

However, it dawned on me while away last week that an old fashioned Knitting Nancy might just do the trick, so when I got home I set about creating one – out of a butchered Innocent Smoothie bottle and some cotton buds. It looks the part, however I soon found out that there’s a problem – I have no idea how to use one! My first try was abysmal, but I think I had my tension too tight, or maybe my gauge is wrong. Now, do I go back to the drawing board and change my design, or do I try again with a looser tension? Not quite sure at this stage but I have all day to figure it out as I’m home with a rotten head cold.