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[GCT7DZ] Ring o`Dane plus crazy Bulls


Location Ireland

Type Traditional

Find #180

We drove up to a nice and close place and spotted the gate. A good long look revealed that those are not cows but bulls and boy are they showing some interest in us! Within a minute we had about a dozen bulls all leaning against the fence and watching us. Convinced that they were plotting our demise we held back. Suddenly we hear someone calling, a local lady was telling not to mind the cattle… well, that’s easy for a country girl to say but not so easy for city folk to do! After the quick shower had passed Christian and I got up the courage to enter the field and as we approached, the bulls ran away from us. We made it all the way to the cemetary which we had a look at before getting up the courage to face the cattle once more and make our way to the fort.

At the fort, we turned around to see the cattle had decided to follow us. As we located the cache and signed the log we half expected to see a bovine head peer over the rise… and it was with a sense of trepidation that we made our way back up to the top. No need to worry, our bovine friends were gathered around and waiting for us to finish and then followed us back to the car. A friendly wave of thanks to the local lady and we were off to find the next cache.

TFTC and thanks for the opportunity to commune with nature – we feel rather proud of ourselves for having the courage to face the herd!

Curious cattle wander over for a look at us

Gosh they're getting rather close!

Err - that's our gate there

Christian with the cache

The cattle have been waiting patiently for us to finish caching