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Colour Affection Layered Template

caf_solidEvery now and then you come across a craft pattern that everyone and their dog seems to be doing, and Colour Affection is certainly the pattern of the moment. It’s simple garter stitch and in terms of construction not that amazing, but it’s the way that you can play with colour that makes it such a must-do pattern.

This pattern takes three colours and plays them off against each other quite cleverly, but it can be hard to work out what the best order to knit each colour is. Hence, some clever folk have created templates to try to see the results quickly.

caf_varieHaving played around with those, I naturally wasn’t quite happy and tried to find something that would be a bit quicker – hence the template attached which is a PSD file (for photoshop).

Unzip and open the file in photoshop, and for each layer of colour just paint with the colour you’d like (make sure your paint-bucket is not set to contiguous for it to work). If you’d like to play with variegated, make a pattern in photoshop using the colours featured in your yarn and paint with that.

This probably sounds complex, but if you’re a regular photoshop user you’ll probably find it makes sense – at least I hope so!