I know a little place…

When a friend asked for recommendations for places to eat and things to do in a number of European countries recently I realised that I had been to almost all of the places on his list. So, rather than keep my opinions confined to a small group of people on facebook, I figured it would… Continue reading I know a little place…

Learning to Craft

When I saw the tweet from one of my friends who owns an LYS here in Edinburgh asking if anyone could teach cross stitch I thought, well why not? Granted it had been years since I last did any cross stitch, but I used to do a fair amount of it – I even found… Continue reading Learning to Craft

WIP Wednesday #11

In my last post I talked about the fact that I’ve got 5 projects on the go at the moment. Today I’m going to give a little round-up of where I’m at with the 3 that are actively being worked on. Cardigan The cardigan has progressed rather nicely. I’m deep into the lace section, however… Continue reading WIP Wednesday #11

Memory Monday – Easter

It’s Katja’s first Easter Monday today and we’ll be heading to Australia so this post has naturally been prepared in advance. The weekly pictures post will show what the little one thinks of her chocolate easter “egg” which is actually a bunny. Today’s memory concerns Easter Eggs. I remember as a kid we’d get up… Continue reading Memory Monday – Easter

Introducing Straw Tatting

Have you ever wanted to try needle tatting but perhaps you don’t have access to the needles? Maybe you’re trying to learn but finding the needles and fine threads too fiddly, you might be constantly stabbing yourself with the business end of the needles (blunt? they still hurt!) or perhaps you’re looking to tat with… Continue reading Introducing Straw Tatting

Craft Video Dos and Don’ts

Following on from my recent rant regarding Patterns Dos and Don’ts, I’d like to share some observations regarding craft videos and photographic tutorials. The following is a list of things to consider when creating a video or a tutorial with photos of each step if you’d like it to be one that many people will… Continue reading Craft Video Dos and Don’ts

Colour Affection Layered Template

Every now and then you come across a craft pattern that everyone and their dog seems to be doing, and Colour Affection is certainly the pattern of the moment. It’s simple garter stitch and in terms of construction not that amazing, but it’s the way that you can play with colour that makes it such… Continue reading Colour Affection Layered Template


A little experiment today – I knitted myself a small stockinette swatch and added a simple chain-only tatted edging to it. This was done in worsted weight and once I’d finished I realised that the whole thing would fit just nicely around my wrist, so I added another tatted chain to the side and a… Continue reading Experimenting

Fancy New Nappy Bag

  I’m so proud of my new nappy bag, just have to show it off! I started this one before Christmas and it’s sat there, mostly done, while I tried to figure out how to finish it. Finally yesterday I got it sorted. Granted it’s not professional-quality finished, but then I’m not exactly trying to… Continue reading Fancy New Nappy Bag

Pineapple Meringue Pie