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My Journey to Wonder Woman

Just wanted to share my weight loss spread with you.

On the left hand side you can see a standard countdown to goal. I’ve decided that I want to lose somewhere between 15 and 21 kilos – the upper end of that is 45lbs. Since pounds are smaller increments and so easier to mark off they should be more motivational than using kilos as the yardstick. Although to be honest the whole concept of stones and pounds used here in the UK leaves me totally bamboozled. They just don’t make sense at all – yet that’s what makes sense to everyone else here so I’ll go with it. Also, I found this layout with the exact same goal and did a wholesale copy of it.

Right hand side is a fairly standard layout of body measurements before and after. I was looking for some ideas for the central figure, most of them were variations on a plain body with shoulder length hair when I caught an picture from an interview with the stunning Gal Gadot. That lead me to go and seek out this image of Wonder Woman. I didn;t design it myself, I found an image from a colouring book and copied it. I think she’s a lot more motivating an image than a mannequin – after all if I can do this I will think of myself as an all powerful super-human. (yes I know I already am, but to conquer oneself is an even bigger feat than some of my other super-accomplishments)

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  1. I need to loose weight also it’s easier for me to stick with our measure of pounds. My only problem has been sticking with it. I wish you good luck..! I’ve found that I do better when I keep myself busy during the day and then I don’t think about going to the refrigerator or the cookie jar. I’ll keep tryin thoug. My head reminds me of what I used to look like and I know I won’t get to that again..!
    I bet you have better luck than I do..

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