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Week 2 – Christmas is over


Christmas is over. And as per tradition here on the 5th or thereabouts most people pulled down their Christmas tree and decorations and dumped the tree next to their bin for collection by the council.

I have two issues with this. The first is that, well look at that tree – so much green left in it and it smells absolutely divine and yet there it is cast aside as worthless. If you are taking down because of tradition then why not keep the unadorned tree inside for a while and still get to enjoy it’s life?

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.44.20The second is that this week there are several storm warnings. And the winds have been furious. Just look at this – a full sized bin knocked over by wind, and there were plenty more of those. Trees can become deadly in weather like that so to my mind they’re best left inside where they are not going to fly into a passing car.

Anyway, we didn’t do a Christmas tree this year because Elisa is at just the wrong age for it, although we will need to next year as Katja was so excited seeing them and kept pointing them out whenever we saw one. Instead we had lots of glittery stars hanging from the ceiling and I’m planning on moving those to the kids’ room to make it cosier.

And it now is a kids’ room – we moved Elisa in there on Thursday. I was sceptical as K gets so excited whenever she sees E and has had a few nightmares in recent weeks – they seem to feature bees or snails. I couldn’t understand who Wednesday night’s antagonist was. But so far it’s working really really well. It was lovely on Friday morning to hear that she had dreamt of “stickers, lots and lots of stickers with lots of colours”.

The weather here is getting decidedly cold. Time to get out the woolies! Katja had a ball on Saturday when we got caught in a rather horrid sleety snow shower on the way home. She’s too young to remember previous snow so it was an exciting and new experience. We had to stop at very car on the walk so that she could grab some snow (which by then was a crusty layer of ice) so she could throw it in the air. Today the snow has gone, but no doubt there will be more given the weather warning sin place for later this week.

I remember the first time I saw snow. In Melbourne snow is something you go to, it doesn’t come to you. It was an exciting trip going up to the mountains and seeing snow for the first time. I remember having a hot chocolate and it was probably the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. I would have been about 10 or 12 then.

When was the first time you saw snow? Do you remember it? Do you like the snow?

On the craft front my two active projects are coming along. I’m currently working on a bunny doll for Elisa and a pair of socks for me. Next week I’m planning on casting on this hat – I’m looking forward to it but want to have the bunny finished before then if possible. I’ll be using the same colours as the picture, mainly because every time I come across a picture of it I think it’s gorgeous.

So what are your current creative projects? Do you have more than one project on at a time? Do you know what your next project will be?

3 thoughts on “Week 2 – Christmas is over”

  1. When we moved out two in together (aged about 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 at the time) the younger one had been having what seemed like night terrors. He’s had only one since, the night his sister wasn’t home. So I think there’s something good about sharing a room at a young age. They seem to get some comfort from another human in the room. And they love playing together in the morning when they wake on the weekends. If only we could convince them to play *quietly* in their room, and not at the top of their voice, we might get to sleep in til 8:)

  2. You had to stop at every CAR on the walk…..?? – (please explain….) I wish we could have a real Christmas tree here in Brisbane, it’s far too hot for them to grow. You can buy very expensive imports from Victoria, but the prices have soared to a level that is now unaffordable for us. But I bought a very tiny and sophisticated table-top version instead and hung it with nothing but tatted ornaments. It was much admired and took less than 5 minutes to put away. I didn’t see snow until I was 18 years old, and very quickly discovered that it disagreed with me. Lovely to look at though.That is a very lovely hat, I thought of my Canadian-dwelling daughter in law at once.

  3. Every car we passed we had to stop so that Katja could pick off some ice/snow. On a standard suburban street, that’s a lot of stopping!

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