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2015 Crafty Disaster No. 1


It’s only three weeks in and I’ve already hit my first craft disaster of the year! This does not bode well..

Now I have a confession. I didn’t swatch. Instead I was cocky and figured that as I’ve done some colourwork in this yarn before and got gauge with that there wasn’t any point. And to be fair, it starts off fine but it grows. I started with 7 stitches to the inch and now I’m getting 6. That’s a 3″ difference over 128 stitches. So I’m not so sure that a swatch would have seen off this particular nightmare.

I had been thinking of lining this one with something super soft and slightly less itchy, but now I’m not so sure that this will be enough to save it so I’m trying to emotionally come to terms with the idea of ripping it all out and starting again. The only saving grace with that is that as I want it to be smaller I’ll be able to reuse the yarn – good thing I hadn’t sewn in all those ends yet!

The smaller size is only 4 stitches difference so I guess I’ll go down a needle size and also down a hat size. But right at this very minute I want to shove it all in a bag and throw it into the back of the cupboard 🙁 Such a shame – I was really enjoying this one!

How would you handle this one? Would you rip back or try to somehow pull it in? Would you toss it aside or get started on a new one straight away?

In other news

We went to the Camera Obscura with E and A last week and the kids had an absolute ball. The Camera people were putting on a Toddler week and they did a brilliant job – they even set up one of their meeting rooms to be a break room complete with high chairs, toys and coffee. That was truly inspired – more venues should do this.

Elisa is now walking, albeit unsteadily unless she’s holding onto something. It’s quite scary considering she’s only 9 months old but I guess the incentive to keep up with Katja is probably a great motivator.

Yesterday E and A popped round and we did some biscuit baking, lots of fun. Although next time I think I’ll premix all the ingredients to save some time.

5 thoughts on “2015 Crafty Disaster No. 1”

  1. How about trying to convert it into a cowl, or some thing that can be used differently. … may be something for the little girls ? It is a beautiful pattern & such a shame to rip it all off after so many rows.
    Start afresh on a new one. Hope you have enough yarn.

    Lovely pics of the girls 🙂

  2. Brilliant idea! Thank-you! I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it myself given that I’ve advised others to do the same in the past. I reckon I should have enough yarn too. You have totally saved this project!

  3. Corrugated rib is never as stretchy,so that, combined with the looser gauge would certainly have put the hat off-track. What a shame, the colours are wonderful. A cowl is a great idea, but personally I would just rip it out, re-wind the balls and put it all away – choose something else to knit and then come back to this wool another time.Or make the matching mittens instead!

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