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Another Swatch but Still Decisions to be Made

So, in my last post I talked about the various options that have me stumped in working out what my next big tatting project will be.

So after a few days of mulling things over I’ve made some decisions but there’s still some deciding left to do.

1. Pattern
The coffee table mat has been removed from the options. Even though that is the emotional choice, being the first big project to catch my eye. It measures 19 inches in diameter in Coats 10, but I think I will enjoy the other two more.

The Fujito doily has a couple of rows that feature motifs which can be tatted separately – this makes the project more portable, which is a big plus. Done in #10 Cordonnet it measures 72cm (28.5in), which is huge. Anyone know how the Cordonnet compares to Lizbeth??

The Renulek doily is still a contender as well. In size 30 it appears that it is about 19 inches across in DMC 30, so the same size as the coffee table mat. It has quite a few different designs for the rows so it will be enjoyable to do, but not as portable as each row is complete.

And then another option appeared today. Enter the Stawasz monster doily. A stunning item which has already been done by a couple of InTatters members – it took Karen a year to do! It’s 75cm (30in) in diameter done in Red Heart 30 thread.


2. Thread size
A few people have recommended that I do the finer thread. I agree, finer threads look amazing, but they do take away from final size. So, I did a swatch to see what the difference would be.

Here you can see with the size 20 swatch on top of the size 10 that the difference is noticeable. In fact the size 10 is 3.2cm across vs the size 20 at 2cm. I’d estimate around 20cm difference by the time I finished a full doily.

However, another thing that had not occured to me came out of swatching. I really didn’t enjoy tatting the size 20 thread. It was fiddlier and most importantly, my hands were stiffer just doing a small motif. A whole doily will be too much so I’m more likely to give it up. So, for that reason and that reason alone, I’m going with the size 10 thread. Sorted!

3. Needle or Shuttle
After playing with my needle and shuttle swatches for a couple of days I’m sold on the shuttle. It’ll give me closer to the finer thread effect while allowing me to use the thicker threads that are less strain on my hands.

Also to consider is the portability of the project. I’m off on holiday soon and that holiday will include a short plane trip. Now if I’m honest I know that I’ll be juggling a baby and will be unlikely to get any craft done during the journey, yet if I opt for the shuttle there may well be opportunities to do a little here or there. Also shuttles can be taken on planes whereas needles certainly can’t.

Decision made!

Screenshot 2014-06-20 21.11.37

4. Colour
The consensus seems to be solid colour, with maybe a row here or there in a contrast to give visual interest. I’m tending to agree. Now to work out exactly what the colours will be. I don’t want to do white – I need colour! To help me to sort this question I’ve set a deadline for ordering thread. Hopefully that will help!

Screenshot 2014-06-24 21.48.58

So that’s where we are at the moment – of the four questions I started with 2 and 3 are decided but 1 and 4 still to go. Can you help me narrow things down?

6 thoughts on “Another Swatch but Still Decisions to be Made”

  1. You said you were thinking for Easter right? I know you like bold colours, but how about a pastel green or something in those lines?

    With regards to question 1, I like the look of the second and fourth patterns (as they appear on my phone anyway), but I really have no idea 🙂

  2. Is the middle one the Fujito? It has a lot of the same motifs – I think it would become boring to do (although it looks stunning) The Stawasz looks fun and there are bands that could logically be a different colour.

    To test the colour choices you should check the different combinations with photoshop. I still think solid colours.

  3. So many choices. Another thought is to make two so that each of the girls will someday have one. I felt that dirty look you just gave me. I really like Fujito, however instead of doing it in a 10 I would use a 20. I think it would make it look a little daintier. To me the prettiest of the choicest you show is Stawasz. There again I would use a size 20.

    Do you really need it to be portable? Can’t this be your at home item or one day a week item? So it takes you 5 years it will still be special. Could you have your portable items be small items either tatted, knitted or something else? Perhaps for your girls or charity?

    Normally I would say shuttle all the way as you can go a longer distance before needing to add thread being one of the main reasons for me. I don’t know if that would out way the hiding of ends for you as you prefer to hide ends when needle tatting. I dislike hiding ends too so I always hide ends in any fiber art as soon as possible so that I don’t have a lot to hide at the end of the project. It works better for me.

    I agree with the others solids would be beautiful with accents in various spots would be beautiful.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  4. They’ll be lucky if I can finish one let alone two! When they’re older I’ll likely do them special pieces based on what kind of things they like.

  5. I am attempting to get the pattern for the big doily by Jan Stawasz. If you know where it is available, i would appreciate a response. Thank you and keep up the beautiful inspiring tatting.

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